When is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day in 2020? Can you answer this question without any prompts given from our side? Well, we will ask you in a different way: have you ever heard about the existence of this holiday in them modern calendar? No? โ€“ Under these conditions the amazing thing is that considering this snack to be the favorite dish, many people donโ€™t know about the event created especially for it. That is the reason, why we have decided to talk about this day in details.


Frankly speaking, we understand quite well that talking about the theme what day World Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day in 2020 is, we have to represent our readers something really extraordinary concerning this direction.

Unfortunately, under these conditions we donโ€™t know for sure who the establishers of this amazing holiday were and why we have to celebrate it on April 12th annually. However, in accordance with some expertsโ€™ points of view, initially it was nothing but a successful marketing decision. It simultaneously means that somewhere in the USA there were people who had enough hard milk product as well as bread and wanted to combine these two products.

Perhaps, at the very beginning they cooked everything at home and only after that understood that it was possible to make good money on their invention. Well, at the present moment we have known quite well that it was a beautiful decision, as sandwiches with various kinds of this milk product have been appreciated all around the planet.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Certainly, you are free to select milk product and to choose bread, but the idea of their combination in one snack is really perfect! Nowadays, these products are combined for picnics, for family dinners and even for special occasions. They can be plain or decorated with some greenery, but their taste is so unforgettable that even the naughty children take them to school with pleasure. And the main advantage is the fast preparation, of course.


What does National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day mean? All in all it is difficult to predict whether you would like to celebrate this special occasion. In the contemporary world there is a great assortment of various products and it is only up to you to choose what to take for your breakfast, lunch, dinner or just picnic.

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Oh, by the way, do you know how to grill cheese? In fact, the recipe is very simple. Dip the pieces into batter (or dough) or just roll in some breadcrumbs. After that cover it with the egg and breadcrumbs again. Grill carefully. However, do not do it too long. As soon as the breading is reddened, remove and place on a paper napkin so that excess fat is absorbed into it.

You are free to prepare white, dense, fibrous milk product such as Suluguni, Adygei or Halloumi, which does not spread, just do it in butter on a pan or on a special grill.

Some people prefer to rub the grated milk ingredient, to salt it, to add some pepper and at last to form some balls of small diameter. Now it is high time to roll your balls in flour and then to fry in any fat you would like to use. As soon as the balls double in size, they should be taken out and thrown back onto a sieve or napkin.

All in all grilled hard milk product is served tasty with various jams (cherry, cranberry, cranberry) and various sauces.


Investigating the matter โ€œWhen is International Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day 2020?โ€™ we came to the conclusion that this question needs some explanations and clarifications for our readers.

Fried hard milk product is a tasty and unusual snack that is easy to be prepared at home and served with salad or just with fresh vegetables. If you have never grilled snack, the first question that may arise will be: โ€œWhat kind of cheese should I take?โ€ย  At the first sight it may seem, that the answer to this question is rather simple. Many people immediately think of hard snack. But actually it is not true.

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The specialists usually advise to give preference to the soft cheese. Why? – The matter is that only in this way you will get a delightful viscous mass under a crispy breading. However, nowadays there are also many lovers of frying hard snack in a deep fryer. Under these conditions the main things are the high temperature of fat and large cubes of hard milk product. And, of course, do not do it too long or you spoil the taste.


When is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. The holiday is quite easy to be remembered as the date of its celebration is fixed. It means that you can join on April 12th annually. Of course, the best way to celebrate this special occasion properly is to prepare some dish for the whole family.

The classic grilled cheese sandwich is not as simple as it seems at the first sight. Today we are going to share the main secrets of making the perfect sandwich for the whole family. You will definitely like is as the snack is going to be really tasty.

First of all, pay attention to the bread. Choose large loaves that are able to hold the melted cheese well. It should be without any large holes in the crumb, so that the filling does not leak out and does not burn.

The loaf has to be cut into rather thick slices, approximately 2โ€“2.5 cm each.

The second essential ingredient of the sandwich is cheese, of course. In principle, a filling for a sandwich can be a combination of absolutely any kind of cheese. The main thing is that at least one of the selected varieties should be easily melted.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich homemade

To melt cheese quickly and evenly, it is rubbed. Do not spread the cheese slices on bread.

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Before making a sandwich on one side of a bread piece, arrange a thin layer of butter and salt a bit.

The second side can be smeared with anything: spicy sauce, ketchup or mustard. By the way you can leave it without supplements.

Heat the frying pan over medium heat and place the piece of bread buttered down. Make sure that the surface is not too hot, otherwise you risk to turn the bread into charcoal in a minute. A slight hiss of oil in contact with a frying pan is a sure sign of the correct start of cooking.

Put a generous handful of grated cheese on top of the bread. Do not be stingy if you have chosen a rather dense and large piece of bread. It will easily hold plenty of stuffing.

Cover with a second piece of bread, placing it in butter and fry the sandwich until it becomes pleasantly golden on both sides, slightly pressing down with a spatula on top.

International Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day Facts

Investigating the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day?โ€ we found this matter to be a very interesting one. However, not everything is so easy and clear, as it may seem at the first sight. It has turned out that the direction requires some clarifications and additional explanations. .

First of all we would like to represent you very small, but at the same time the important trick. One of the main problems in cooking grill sandwiches is that you can overcook the bread, trying to melt the cheese evenly, or, on the contrary, you can brown the bread nicely, but leave the filling barely warm. Grilling a sandwich in a frying pan and then baking in the oven will help to eliminate this problem and keep the dish hot until serving.

All in all approximately 5 minutes at the temperature of 170 degrees will be enough.

At the very end the sandwich should be cut in half and served on its own, with sauces or, traditionally, to tomato soup.


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