International Fairy Day

What day is it?

June 24 is celebrated all over the world International Fairy Day. This is a holiday for every child and adult who believes in the world of fairies. And it is also an opportunity to dive into deep history, folk folklore and traditions, in which fairies have always been not only an integral part, but also the main characters.

Fairies have been an important part of Celtic culture for centuries. In all ancient legends, these mythological creatures are described as intelligent, mischievous and magical. They can fly and cast spells, and they live in the land of eternal youth. Some argue that we cannot see fairies because of the division between two different worlds. However, these creatures can appear to us at dusk or on the eve of the summer solstice or on Christmas Eve.

How did the idea to celebrate International Fairy Day come about?

It is not known for sure who and when suggested celebrating this day, but the holiday quickly took root among people who care about the fairy-tale and mysterious world. It is celebrated in Germany, Scotland, Ireland, England, and France. In honor of the holiday, huge costume parties and festivals are held, during which performances and skits from favorite fairy tales are held.

Who are fairies?

Fairies existed in almost all cultures of the world, although they could be called by different names. No matter where you go, they have one thing in common – fairies are spirits that inhabit the earth and act according to strange and incomprehensible laws for us. This is where all similarities end and various guesses begin about what fairies look like, why they exist and what they do.

Basically fairies for us are fragile humanoid creatures with butterfly wings. They fly around the flowers and surprise with their extraordinary lightness and grace. However, the famous dwarves also belong to the family of fairies. Dwarves come from Germanic culture, mostly believed in by miners and people who worked in the mountains. These amazing creatures lived in the mines and knocked whenever people were in danger.

Red-skinned gnomes who lived in gardens and near the houses of ordinary people were always ready to help. There are even fairies that live in the oceans. These include the so-called Irish Selkies, dark in hair and eyes, these creatures were able to transform into humans. Selkies came ashore in the form of a seal, shed their skin and turned into beautiful women. If someone was lucky enough to steal this sealskin and burn it, he could take a Selkie as his wife.

Interesting facts about fairies

We invite you to familiarize yourself with interesting and little-known facts about how people see small, kind creatures – fairies.

  • They adore everything that shines. If Celtic legends are to be believed, then fairies love shiny jewelry, shiny objects, New Year’s balls, etc. Also, many fairies themselves sparkle like precious stones.
  • Fairies love to sing and dance. These creatures are extremely gifted, they make magical sounds and are excellent dancers. It is believed that this small winged creature can spin so much in the tank that it will not stop.
  • These magical creatures are quite afraid of everything iron. The thing is, when they touch iron or metal things, they feel a lot of pain. Therefore, when you see a person who hisses after touching a metal handle or handrail, it means that it is a fairy or other magical creature.
  • The color of a fairy’s eyes depends on the weather. And this testifies to their close connection with nature. After all, what is happening in nature at this moment is reflected in their eyes. During the rain, the fairy’s eyes take on a bright blue hue. It is snowing outside, the irises of the eyes turn green. And some creatures have small stars instead of eyes.
  • There are photos of fairies. In 1920, two English girls took pictures together with fairies, which caused a lot of controversy. To this day, the authenticity of these photos is first confirmed, and then denied again. A few years ago, an English woman accidentally photographed an interesting creature. But no one managed to establish what kind of creature it is. This is known only to fans of fairies.
  • Arthur Conan Doyle – the author of the famous detective story about Sherlock Holmes – firmly believed in the existence of fairies. He himself has repeatedly spoken about this. Also, many respected specialists in Celtic mythology believe in the existence of a mysterious world of fairies.
  • Fairies received the greatest recognition among the English. But what can we say, Britain is the homeland of these strange creatures. All news, photos and legends about fairies come from the British Isles.
  • They can harm a person. Fairies are not only cute and good-natured creatures who help people and warn them of danger. There are many legends that tell about the fact that people stole away, lost their possessions and even their lives because of fairies. Also, these seemingly good creatures often sin by abducting children. Yes, they say, they replenish their family.

How to celebrate International Fairy Day?

Fairy Day is celebrated on June 24 to honor these mythical creatures. Fairy lovers and children around the world participate in various festivals and celebrations dedicated to this day. But if you don’t like partying at crowded festivals, don’t worry, you can throw a festive themed party at home with friends and family.

When will we celebrate International Fairy Day??

Year Date Weekday
2021 June 24 Thursday
2022 June 24 Friday
2023 June 24 Saturday
2024 June 24 Monday
2025 June 24 Tuesday

International Fairy Day

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