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🕊 When is National Day of Non-Violence 2022

For more than forty thousand years of their existence, the mankind became sure that there’s no more effective and quicker way to reach the goals and bring the change than brutal force, oppression of the weak one by the strong one. Not everyone believes in the peaceful measures as in the way to defend their interests.

Yet there are people who literally save our world from the bloodshed by proving us the contrary. Eradicating violence is the only choice if we want to live on the planet that is not torn apart by hatred and inequality.

When is National Day of Non-Violence in 2017? Read on!


The holiday was designated in honor of a great man whose heritage will live for many centuries on. The Father of the Indian nation – Mahatma Gandhi – invented the whole philosophy of how to live and act peacefully and went down in history as the prominent person.

Born in the Hindu family, Mohandas (his real name) was brought up in the strict traditions of the believers, full of divine services, fasting, reading the sacred books and long talks on the spiritual themes. The education in the less religious western country – the Great Britain – only made him firmer in his beliefs and partially shaped his distinct conception.

National Day of Non-Violence

The theory of non-violence, or satyagraha, was revealed in South Africa where the man traveled to fight for the rights of the Indians. He claimed that people would gain the victory by influencing the conscience of the enemy through rejecting the cruel force and readiness to endure the pain. With that being put into practice, a foe would turn into a friend.

Gandhi disseminated the same noble concept in his country when the struggle for independence from the Great Britain had aroused. He called the locals for throwing out the guns and using the peaceful means: boycott of the British goods and buildings, demonstrative misconduct and breach of the obligations set by the rulers.

Mahatma’s call was heard. The Congress and the folks perceived the idea of non-violent resistance as the key element of the sacred project called the liberation movement. The whole country was sparked with the selfless acts of disobedience that the invaders brutally suppressed. Yet they couldn’t put down the fire that was inflamed in the people’s hearts by the Father’s philosophy. India reached its long-awaited freedom. It won by the means of peace, not force, showing the importance of laying down the arms and opening the hearts.

When is International Day of Non-Violence 2022? In 2004, an Indian teacher suggested the idea of commemorating Mahatma’s birthday – the person deserving of such an honor on the first place. The Parliament of the country welcomed the suggestion and made a huge step by bringing it forward for the General Assembly of the UN. In 2007, the world was informed that from then and on the day when Mahatma Gandhi came into being would be marked as the Day of Non-Violence.


What does National Day of Non-Violence mean? It means raising awareness about the importance of the peaceful acts, mutual respect, and love in the relationships between the people and the states.

Why is that so urgent nowadays? The 20th century broke the record for the scale and intensity of the military clashes and for the amounts of blood that were shed at the battlefields. During more than two hundred and fifty war conflicts, around 110 millions of people were killed. The bitter lesson was learned yet it didn’t put an end to armed violence. For the last 5 years, the globe has witnessed almost thirty confrontations that took away the lives of the tens of thousands.

However, there was the change with the beginning of the current century. The conflicts now are based on the ethnic and religious contradictions and tend to happen within the boundaries of the state then gradually turning into the international danger. The experts say that the chances of the ethnic clashes spreading on the whole world are four times higher than those of the otherwise inspired conflicts. If a few years ago, 80% of the war victims were the soldiers, today the three-fourth of that are civilians. Thus, the numbers of the refugees that ran from the destroyed country grow.

Regardless of what day World Day of Non-Violence in 2022 falls on, remember the sacrifices we’ve already paid for the present. Every hour, we lose about thirty-five individuals and injure forty more because of the armed clashes bearing no mercy. Some of them are children. For the last ten years, two millions of kids died and six million became disabled. Around three thousands of teens are involved in the military confrontations as the forcedly recruited soldiers. On the territories drawn into the bloody battles, they see such cruel and brutal things that leave the trace in their minds, souls, and memories forever. Don’t you think that we’ve had enough of the violence?

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The non-violence is the system of values; the ethical and social conception and practice that urges to the disapproval of the violence for achieving any of the goals. It might be the religious and philosophical pillar as well as the political strategy. Thus, Hinduism and Buddhism the term of the non-violence goes back to the idea of ahimsa that means “doing no harm to the living creatures”. It was further developed by Gandhi, with his belief in non-violence to be the way of having an impact on the society and authorities.

National Day of Non-Violence

His ideas continued with the activity of Martin Luther King who adopted them for the peaceful struggle for the African-Americans rights in the United States. In the basis of the governmental power lay the cooperation and the obedience of the citizens, and it’s essential for every political regime. Therefore, the strategy of non-violence aims at the abatement of the authority through the reduction of the cooperation and expression of the disagreement.

What is the date of National Day of Non-Violence 2022? As the birthday of the Indian’s nation Father, it annually takes place on October 2.


How can the ordinary man celebrate the holiday? The main idea is to understand, embrace and get inspired with the concept of the peaceful co-existence and resistance. Spend the time reading the biographies of the people that made this world a better place to live in, such as Gandhi, King, Rosa Parks, etc. Try to realize the message of leading the life full of tolerance, kindness, and compassion. Don’t return anger for aggression and be in control of your brutish instincts to crush the weaker one.

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That’s the lot of every person under the sun. Nevertheless, the authorities are endowed with greater responsibility – to disseminate these ideas and instill the minds of people with the non-violence. The UN strives for popularizing the holiday through the annual public address of the Secretary-General and education. In particular, the last year was marked with the issuing of the commemorative stamp.

Day of Non-Violence Facts

  • The United Kingdom observes the holiday on its own date, specifically, September 25.
  • The non-violence is often associated with the pacifism yet these are different terms

Tick off in your calendar, when is Day of Non-Violence in 2022, and apprehend the difference of the consequences that the brutal force and the peaceful means bring.

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