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🩱 When is National Underwear Day 2022

The Americans can make a real joke and fun from every event or thing. Food, drinks, animals and events are made national symbols. The number of festive occasions is impressive. One of such days is National Underwear Day. It started as a promotion and later became a nationwide event. Thousands of tourists come to watch the festival. When is National Underwear Day in 2022? Who created the event?


The history of this item began many centuries ago. It started at the time of Ancient Egypt. People wore a piece of loincloth. Later, in the 19th century two pieces of cloth were joined together. It was similar to a pair of panties.

In the 18th century women wore bloomers. They were loose trousers. The item of clothing was presented for selling in 1849 by A. Bloomer. The idea is said to be created by another woman, E. Miller. In the end of the 1800s men wore vests and pants. It was very convenient to wear both parts of underwear. At first, women didn’t have a cloth between two legs. Later, knickers were invented. They were close between the legs. They were rather long. Later this kind was shortened.

National Underwear Day

The first bra was invented in 1913. It was made of handkerchiefs which were joined with a thin ribbon. The inventor was M. P. Jacob.

In the middle of 30s of the 20th century Y-fronts were very popular. The history of briefs began in the late 1940s. Lots of women preferred to wear them. Boxer shorts were invented in the 40s of the 20th century.

The start of the holiday took place in 2003. The initiator was the American company Freshpair. This organization was founded in 2000. At first it wasn’t a great company. It started in a small apartment. Four years later it managed to rent an office in New York.

The first goal of the occasion was to promote their goods. The company made a special day. It was held on the 5th of August in 2003. The festival was held in the heaviest places of New York. Freshpair launched a pop-up shop in 2012. The head of the company decided to make it near Columbus Circle.

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In 2013 there was an attempt to break the Guinness Record. People of New York and guests of the city gathered in Times Square. Despite of a great amount of people the festival didn’t gain the Guinness award. The most numerous festival took place in Utah. The amount of people was more than 2200 men and women. The information about the annual event can be with the internet request “What day National Underwear Day in 2022?”


What does National Underwear Day mean for society? The event was initiated as a promotion, though Freshpair insisted that the main goal was to show the naturality of a human body. People are used to feel embarrassed of their bodies, to hide various defective features.

A great amount of various magazines and newspapers, posters and billboards propose the ideal female shape. This fact raises a great hesitation in girls’ and women’s minds. They don’t accept their naturality and beauty. “Ideal girls” cause lots of psychic problems. Females all over the world try to get closer to the ideal parameters. If they fail, nobody can persuade them in their attractiveness.

The idea of walking along the streets made females feel freer and more confident. It was a chance to show bodies to each other without raising disapproval.

Another thing is a relationship between men and women. The society always insisted on a concept when males and females must hold a distance in their negotiations. It’s not accepted to communicate with each other so closely if you are not relatives. The males’ presence at the festival helped women to become more easygoing. The special appeal of the event is the presence in the festival of older people. They can show the importance of positive emotions and the ability to relax in an unusual situation.

The meaning of the occasion for lingerie shops can’t be overvalued. The main demand for participants concerns their underwear. It should be clean. But the main part of participants prefers to buy a new item beforehand. Sales in these shops increase greatly before the holiday. When is International Underwear Day 2022? The festival takes place on the 5th of August.

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The definition of the day is quite understandable. It is clear that people should pay attention to their lingerie on the day. People of other nationalities may understand the title of the occasion as the reason to buy several new items or visiting fashion shows, Victoria’s Secret’s one, for example. But the truth is that the models are the people themselves. They should take the clothes off and put on the best variant. This fact may be unclear for strangers.

The term “underwear” is a rather formal item. Underclothing, underclothes, undergarment are also used. The last variant is used in Australia. The American women use “delicates” according to the producers’ advices as to the regime of washing. There are lots of variants of underwear. Women wear strings, bras, tangas, panties and other variations. Women wear intimates or lingerie. Men wear boxer shorts and boxer briefs and briefs. Underwear also includes T-shirts and sleeveless shirts.

The term “underwear” came in use in the 80s of the 19th centuries. It is a simple combination of words “under” and “wear”. The item is used to protect the main cloths from sweat and other kinds of secretion. It can be done of any suitable material: cotton, lace, nylon, viscose and others. The occasion is a great time to go shopping. You should define the information in social nets with a question “When is Underwear Day in 2022, calendar of sales?”

National Underwear Day


There are several ways of observing the date. The most innocent way is suitable for those people who feel embarrassed of their bodies and who don’t want to demonstrate them. The modest persons can put on their best variant and make some photos. They may be posted in several social nets. It is a chance to observe the day if there is nobody else at home. The internet community can give lots of likes. The fact can make people feel freer and more relaxed.

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More courageous people can take part in the street festival. It’s better to start participating in such parades in a big group of friends. It will help to feel better and more comfortable. If it’s difficult to find time to visit a parade, there’s a possibility to celebrate the date in the office with the colleagues. But keep in mind that it can be done only if a chief is a prankster himself.

There’s a demand to all the participants. People are to put on the best underwear. Older people usually put on bras and panties on their T-shirts and shorts. The festival is a joke itself, though lots of tourists try to make photos of the event.

Underwear Day Facts

  • The majority of women don’t know how to choose suitable underwear, especially bra.
  • The most favorite kind of male underwear is slips. Almost 40% wear slips. Boxers are worn by only 10% of men.
  • Push up bras can be worn only 2 hours a day.
  • Men started to wear underwear earlier than women.
  • The world record in wearing underwear was set by J. Singer. The 10-year old boy put on 215 pairs.
  • Chinese shops sell the smallest bras and the British shops sell the biggest sizes.
  • The American statistics says that married people change their underwear more often than single people.
  • Victoria’s Secret prefers Brazilian models for shows.

What is the date of Underwear Day 2022? It’s on the 5th of August.

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