When is National Hanging Out Day in 2020? – Well, we are almost sure that you are planning to answer this asking matter negatively, as the most part of contemporary men and women has never heard about the special occasion like this. And it is not a great surprise, actually. – Many modern people have even forgotten that the clothes can be hung out after washing. As a rule, the great assortment of various devices dries the things for us without any problems. However, from our side we find this holiday to be the great one, so today we are going to introduce it to our readers.


When we are discovering the direction what day World Hanging Out Day in 2020 is, it is necessary to pay attention to the historical moments of the special occasion. Unfortunately, we don’t know much about this matter. Initially, the project was founded a long time ago. In fact, it happened in 1995. It was the moment when Dr. Helen Caldicott was giving her famous speech during the symposium at Middlebury College. The lady said very important things and tried to convenience the audience that in accordance with her point of view, the things like hanging out the clothes could shut down the dangerous nuclear industry. After that, in 1996, the founder and former director of the direction called Alexander Lee took the concept as well.

In the course of time the project became global and popular all around the planet. Unfortunately, we don’t know the names of people, who established the special occasion for the first time. But we are sure that those people wanted the best for the contemporary civilization and planet as well.

Cloth Hanging Out


What does National Hanging Out Day mean? – All in all, nobody can answer this amazing question instead of you or your close surrounding. In fact, it is only up to you to conclude whether to hold this holiday or to forget completely about its existence in the calendar of contemporary events. From our side we want to admit that the holiday deserves to be celebrated. Why? – The answer is quite simple in fact. – As the practice shows, natural fresh and cleanliness are the peculiar features, which are demanded among the representatives of the contemporary society.

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The experienced people are sure that when linen is dried in the open air, under the wind and sun, it undergoes natural processing, which is so lacking in closed city apartments. Usually sunlight contains an ultraviolet part that disinfects laundry from harmful biological components. This includes all sorts of fungi, small linen mites that accompany a person, bacteria and microbes that are released when coughing and sneezing. Washing even in hot water does not always have such an effect as solar ultraviolet. Infrared rays have a profound effect on the fabric, and the wind makes it possible to dry even thick pillows, mattresses and blankets. In fact the wind is the best conditioner, as it is more natural than the most “natural” chemicals. Natural drying does not form characteristic folds on linen, which is hard to cope with even when steaming with an iron. Only expensive washing machines can smooth that effect. In nature, it’s just not there!


Certainly, such amazing question as “When is International Hanging Out Day 2020?” needs the representation of some additional facts.

The ancestors and you dried the laundry exclusively on the street. “Linen on the rope” was reflected in the works of artists, writers and poets. This process was captured in the pictures. It was a certain symbol of family life and a calm, as well as peaceful life. Until now, the sight of fluttering, clapping sheets or pants makes us have a nostalgic smile.

Today, people prefer not to dry laundry on a street in towns, especially in the large ones. As a rule, the level of air pollution does not allow it. But if you think that drying the laundry on the battery or on the ropes stretched in the bath is good for the health and atmosphere in the apartment, you are greatly mistaken. These clothes dry poorly and unevenly, and also emit odors and moisture directly into the apartment.

In the summer house, in the village or in a country house it is worth returning to the folk experience, since it is the way of drying clothes in the open air that is the most eco-friendly, healthy, useful and even economical! Judge for yourself how many advantages of drying clothes in the open air.

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When is Hanging Out Day in 2020, calendar will remind you. There are no reasons for being worried about. The holiday is celebrated on April 19th annually. So you are really free to join any time you would like to do it. This year is a perfect moment to start. By the way, this is a perfect method, which guarantees durability of your favorite things and significant money economy.

Do you know that it is precisely the torsion in the drum that is one of the main factors in rapid wear of underwear? It is because of this that the machines have functions of gentle and regular washing. If you skip the stage of drying clothes in the car, you will significantly extend its life.

This is only one factor of profitability. Energy savings will be added to it, and if you decide to purchase a semi-automatic machine for washing, you will find that its cost is much lower than automatic. In such a machine, you can perfectly wash and rinse the laundry, and you will be drying it in the best and most environmentally friendly conditions – on the street.

cloth Hanging Out

International Hanging Out Day Facts

Talking about the matter “What is the date of National Hanging Out Day in 2020?” we would love to introduce our followers a lot of amazing pieces of information.

Today we want to give the readers some tips, coming from the experience of our ancestors. Here is our list:

  • When hanging clothes out, do not forget to shake the items and pull on the rope. This easy way will help you to straighten the folds and can even do without ironing.
  • Hang up T-shirts by the hem, with the neck down. It will help to iron the item easily. But the pants and shorts are better to be hung the belt so that they keep their shape.
  • To make the dress not to lose its shape, hang it on a hanger. The same idea can also be used with a jacket, blouse and any similar clothing.
  • It is better not to leave colored things in the sun, they may lose their color. Often this is indicated on the product tags, which we advise to always pay attention to.
  • Do not dry black things in the sun for a long time, it is better to hang them in the shade – so they will not fade. And, on the contrary, if you washed white clothes or bedding, hang them in the sun: so things will be even whiter. By the way, this desired effect of whiteness you will get without aggressive chemistry.
  • Woolen things need to be dried carefully. You can stretch or “pull” the wool, if you stretch it accordingly or let it hang loose during drying. It is better to dry them, putting on a horizontal surface. Hanging woolen things in general is not worth it, but if you want them to be ventilated and smell fresh, you can do it when the wool is almost dry.
  • Do not overdo the laundry in the sun, as it dries quickly and becomes hard and brittle.
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Perhaps, this is everything you need to know. The rules are quite simple in fact. And you will master them in one or two times without any problems! Drying clothes on the street will allow you to save electricity, keep things for a long time and make them fresh and pleasant to the touch. All you need is a street dryer and some clothespins.


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