When is Museum Day in 2022? – That is a question, which is usually asked by many contemporary people, who adore to discover something really new and interesting at home as well as abroad. In the modern world some cities are famous not only for their history, culture and architecture, but also for their famous museums. For instance, Paris is appreciated not only for the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame, but also for the legendary Louvre. Moreover, every year tens of thousands of tourists come to the French capital just to admire the masterpieces of world art, which are exhibited in the Louvre.

Is this day really important?

However, Paris is not the only city in which you can find the world famous museum. Such places can be found in Rome, St. Petersburg, New York, Florence and other big cities. That is the reason why the question “What is the date of Museums Day 2022?” is actual for almost every corner of the planet. Annually they attract millions of tourists. But also we can’t but mention, that a great amount of these visitors are not even interested in art. But there is a common view if you are in Rome, you should visit the Vatican Museums. After all, there you can see the unique art works of unforgettable Michelangelo, original Caravaggio and inimitable Raphael.

Museum Day 2017

But, of course, not only the major museums such as the Metropolitan, London National Gallery, Queen Sofia Art Center, the Hermitage, the Uffizi and the British Museum attract the visitors.ย  Moreover, on the planet there are many technical, gastronomic, numismatic, military, marine, scientific and other types of museums. In them, anyone can find detailed information on a particular theme.

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Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine life in a modern society without the museum existence. They have become an integral part of our lives and the cultural heritage of mankind. Taking into account everything mentioned above it is not surprising that the introduction of International Museum Day at the global level is of great importance for humanity.

The history of a holiday

Like in the case with many other cultural events, International Museum Day has been established relatively recently. Beginning from 1978, this even is celebrated annually on 18 May. The date is fixed, that is why the answer to the question what day Museum Day in 2022 is seems to be not so difficult. At the moment this event is celebrated in about 200 countries of the planet, so in almost all civilized world. It should be also noted that every year, the number of countries that are going to celebrate the International Museum Day is growing.

At the origin of this celebration it was the congress of the International Council of Museums, which discussed a number of important issues for the industry development. Among the other matter the Congress members proposed to introduce the professional holiday for all museum staff. And that proposal was approved unanimously. It happened in 1977.

But we can’t but mention that every year the festival has a specific theme, devoted to the issues of museum activity.

As it was mentioned above in 1978 International Museum Day was celebrated for the first time and only some countries took an active part. Since then, every year this event grows rapidly. ย  Here are just some examples:

  • In 2007, 70 countries participated in the festival;
  • 2008 year they were 90, including 20 thousand museums;
  • 2014 – the holiday involved 143 countries and 35,000 museums.
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As a rule the huge celebration is organized by the countries, which are traditionally considered to be cultural leaders: Germany, Austria, the USA and Spain. But the states, whose museums are not so widely known, for example, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Peru, Sri Lanka etc are also able to offer a great number of interesting things.

The ways of this event celebration

Unfortunately, initially this festival was celebrated only by museum workers. However, in the course of time it became popular among those who love to visit museums.

Every year this day many museums have a free admission. It means that you can visit them absolutely free. In such a way the directors want to attract more attention to the museums. And taking into account the fact that the holiday becomes more and more popular, this decision is considered to be really effective.

In addition, on May 18 the museums from different parts of our planet sometimes organize the joint exhibitions. This is done in order to improve cooperation between different museums. With the help of such a temporary exchange of exhibits, museums can attract a greater amount of visitors.

Museum Day

Also this day there is a great number of different congresses, the members of which discuss all sorts of ideas as to the visitor attraction. As this event is considered to be rather important, no matter that all the participants know the answer to the question “When is Museums Day 2019?”

As annually the festival is held under a specific topic, this day you can visit various events. That is, every year International Museum Day takes on a new form, and this fact is appreciated much by public. The main themes should be approved by the special Council, which controls all the organizational work.

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May 18 is not an official holiday, but this day people around the globe actively visit museums and exhibitions. In such a way they celebrate International Museum Day.

In order to popularize the museums, their administration constantly invents different ways to attract visitors. And, for example, when is Free Museums Day in 2022, calendar will inform you without any problems. As a rule you can see new exhibition, various exhibitions of works by young artists, free guided tours for children and students. The museum can hold a variety of thematic conferences, lectures or festivals. On this day, the museum visiting is free for adults or is of a substantial discount.

Traditional festival in honor of International Museum Day has a special name a Night of Museums. France became an initiator of the “Night of Museums”. And nowadays this festival is very popular among the visitors. It is held in many countries in the night from Saturday to Sunday, as close to May 18th as possible. During the “Night of Museums”, many museums are open free to all visitors. As a rule, this event is filled up with live music, dancing era and other interesting elements.


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