World Teachers’ Day is a holiday that is also known as an International Teachers’ Day. It is that special day when people in different countries all over the world celebrate the role of teachers. It is also a day of support of teachers and their rights. If you were not good enough informed about World Teachers’ Day, you could fill the gap now. In this article you will find out more information about this day, its traditions, some interesting facts and an answer to the question: «When is World Teachers’ Day in 2022?»

Some time ago

World Teachers’ Day is quite a «young» holiday. However, in spite of this fact, it is well-known and celebrated in lots of countries. Its origins go back to the nineties of the 20th century. Saying more exactly, it was 1994.

This day represents the importance of teachers, a vital definition of this profession and role of teachers in development of education. What day World Teachers’ Day in 2022? Every year this holiday is on different day. As usual, its marked in calendar as a holiday. In some countries it is also a free day.

World Teachers' Day 2019

From the same beginning, some international organizations firmly believed that World Teachers’ Day should be recognized in all countries around the world. So, what we have today when some time passed? As a fact, this holiday is celebrated in more than 100 countries. Moreover, it has own traditions and fun.


What can people do on this holiday? Traditions are almost the same in different countries. World Teachers’ Day brings a deep message about importance of teachers. Although, it is not so boring and also has its own festivities and traditions which are followed by people with great gusto. Different activities and events are arranged at the beginning of October.

When is World Teachers’ Day 2022? Every year this holiday is celebrated by many countries on the same date – 5th October. So, this year it is also on the 5th October. The only difference is every year it has place on different days.

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This year people celebrate World Teachers’ Day on Thursday. In some countries it is a day off , in the most  countries it is a working day or a half working day. What do people do on this day if they do not work or work only half day? As usual, all inner or outer activities are dedicated to importance of education, teachers and everything what is connected with their profession.

Usually teachers get a lot of flowers on this day, sweets or small presents. Pupils can also organize concerts or other events for their teachers. Parents also take part in all these activities and show their great gratitude to the teachers of their children. On this day can be also organized different kinds of competitions and relay races.

There is also another side of this holiday. It can be not only fun for teachers. Some schools have a tradition to provide for teachers extra training sessions or conferences on this day. It sounds like another method to attract attention to the educational sphere. And experience shows that it really works.

When does the celebration begin?

What is the date of World Teachers’ Day 2022? Official date of World Teachers’ Day is 5th October. However, celebration and different activities can start a bit earlier or later this date. Sometimes the celebration make on the weekend because it is really more comfortable for those who works five days per week.

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Some professional conferences or training sessions also can start a bit earlier – at the beginning of October, before the 5th. Sometimes such professional events take place in regional cities. There are gathering teachers from the whole region or even country and the best of them are awarded. Some of these events can be dedicated not only to teachers’ professional activity but also to different methods of education, to problems in educational system.

Besides regional organizations, such famous in the whole world organizations as Education International and Teachers of English to Speakers of other languages provide support in organization of events, conferences and trainings at the international level. It is a many-sided holiday that has a global message about education, its problems and ways of solving these problems on one hand. And on another one, it is a holiday that brings warm feeling of gratitude to those who made an invaluable contribution in education and pupils. It is not a secret that teachers form pupils’ vision, their attitude to things around and grow from everyone of them a «personality». Fortunately, many pupils remember this long-time working process at their personality even after finishing school.

World Teachers' Day

For such ex-pupils World Teachers’ Day can be a great opportunity to show to their ex-teachers all their sincere honor and respect. It is a good tradition in some countries when not only present pupils show all their gratitude and respect to teachers but also those who finished school years ago. They can do it personally or sending a card. There are also some other creative ways which use modern pupils to congratulate teachers with their holiday.

Gifts for teachers on World Teachers’ Day

There is a tradition to give some small presents to teachers on their professional day. This tradition has been started by pupils and their parents. As usual, pupils and their parents want to give something really special to the teacher that could show all pupils’ respect and gratitude for all that work that a teacher does every day. Such gifts are not expensive and more like a sign of attention. However, it is still a dilemma for some pupils and especially for their parents.

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When is World Teachers’ Day in 2022, calendar will show  on  5th of October and thousands pupils will go to school with small presents expressing honor to teachers. We made a short list of gifts which millions pupils all other the world used to give to their teachers on World Teacher’s Day.

  • Flowers – the most popular sign of attention and respect to a teacher. It takes the first place in our list because a lot of pupils from different countries prefer to give a bouquet of flowers to their teacher on this day.
  • Sweets and biscuits. Sweet presents are also very popular. It can be thematic bespoke chocolate with initials of teacher or the name of subject. Such homemade sweets are especially popular.
  • There is a popular tendency to give something hand-made or homemade. Such presents are more valuable. The meaning is you do something with your own hands and put their a piece of your heart. Among such presents can be original a bookmark, a pencil case or a bag for copybooks. You can also make any other present connected with Teachers’ Day. All depends on your imagination.
  • Maybe sending cards can sound as a bit old-fashioned way of showing your attention but not on the Teachers’ Day. You can send card via post or to give it personally.
  • It is really popular in Europe to make presents connected with apple. All because this fruit symbolize knowledge. It can be funny picture or notebook or even real big apple.


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