Do you agree that the mountains are one of the most majestic and alluring nature’s creations on this planet? They seize the human with so all-embracing awe that they even set aside a date in the calendar for praising them!

When is National Mountain Day in 2022? Follow the lines.


People got to know these landforms a long ago. In Peruvian Andes, the archaeologists found the ruins of the ancient settlements on the rather decent heights. Today, more than five hundred million of the mankind – approximately, the every tenth – live on 2000 meters above the sea level.

The Inks buried those who passed away near the peak of El Torro – around six thousand meters high – that is to say, next to the Sun. The native tribes of Argentina also settled down on the highlands. This fact was revealed when the scientists discovered the mummies peacefully resting there. Besides, our ancestors were definitely influenced by the towering structures in the spiritual way.

Mountain Day

Some perceived them as the kingdoms of the mysterious powers. At least, that is what the names of the peaks say – the Witch Mountain, the Peak of the Devil. Although the reverent fear does favor the mountains and their native inhabitant. Thus, the spirits of the highest landform in Africa (Kilimanjaro) protect the white giraffes’ family from the merciless hands of the superstitious contrabandists.

At the same time, it was always believed that the mountains are “health-friendly”. The first shrines of Asclepius were built on the highlands as the air of those places was beneficial to the well-being of the ill people. The same effect was noticed by Plutarch who told about a great many positive things the structures brought along.

When is International Mountain Day 2022? It was proclaimed in 1992 during the United Nations Conference dedicated to the environment and its protection. Ten years later, the date is officially observed in almost all of the countries-members of the Organization.

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What does National Mountain Day mean? It means appreciating these amazing and towering creations of the Mother Nature!

They’ve attracted people since the ancient times. It is difficult to explain but everyone admits it. What is the power that make a man leave his comfortable house, put on the heavy backpack and go through the wind, snow, and sweltering sun on the way to the soul-bothering dream? No one can answer that. Yet the deepest affection to the edifices of nature is doubtless.

Why you need to see the mountains? Because they give this wonderful push that helps overcome our own boundaries. Having experienced it once, you feel the freedom not limited by anything, together with the abilities to make radical changes in your life. The mountains are the best teachers; they give a lot – development, inspiration – yet don’t require anything for that.

Today, it is wildly known that they prolong the life of the humans, living on the highlands, due to the air in there with the decreased amount of the oxygen which results in the positive effect on the organism. When that happens – the sudden cut off of the gas – the signal goes through the receptors to the breathing center of the brain. And from there, to the muscles. The functioning of the chest and the lunges is enhanced, the human breathes more frequently, thus the ventilation gets much better together with the delivering of the oxygen into the blood.

The heartbeat becomes more active which, in its turn, improves the circulation of the blood providing the organs with the blood much faster. Plus, the flow of the new erythrocytes brings along the hemoglobin. That’s how the positive effects of the mountain air are explained. Being on the mountain resort, lots of the people notice that the mood goes up and the will to live a happy life strengthens.

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Well, regardless of what day National Mountain Day in 2022 falls on, always respect those majestic edifices of nature!


The mountain is basically a form of landscape; the isolated highland with the prominent slants and the foot. Depending on the height, there are several types of the mountains – the high ones of more than two kilometers, the medium ones up to two kilometers, and the low ones of five hundred meters.

The higher the creations are, the sparcer the vegetation is. As the ground doesn’t feed the humans anymore, they get into the other fields of the man’s activity. Yet it drives away not only the craftsmen but also the farmers and the shepherds. The little diversity of the mountain products together with the lack of the foodstuff produced on the lowlands results in the vivid exchange between the first and the latter. The lowland inhabitants drive the livestock in the mountains and bring the wine, olive oil, salt. In return, they get the wood and the products of the cattle breeding.

When the industry was born on these structures, it was based on the minerals, wood resources, and the wool of the sheep turned into the wool fabric. One of the most ancient kinds of the industry is the mines. The salt and metals attracted the miners to the valleys of Alps since long ago. Today, the spots of the previous gold, silver, iron, and copper extraction are changed together with the use of the mountain treasures. Nowadays, the wood goes primarily for making the cellulose, not for the charring. The processing of the local wool is replaced with the cotton manufacture based on the imported materials. The water is used for the water-power plants.

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beautiful mountain

Actually, the hydropower made a kind of revolution in the mountain metal industry. The blast furnaces, functioning on the coal, are substituted for the smokeless electrical ones that give the opportunity to get the different alloys and the special sorts of the steel. The mountain chemical industry is huge, too, especially such fields as the extracting of the artificial niter, medicines and colors. A relatively new type of the structures’ exploitation is the mountain and ski tourism.

Considering the essence of these towering landscapes, we can’t help notice the significant changes the man brought to this previously pure world, although they’ve been «conquered» long ago. And it is us who also made them extremely vulnerable by this time. The mountains’ lands need our protection. The intervention causes the irreversible processes easily. That’s why they need care and consideration and that’s why the holiday was invented.

What is the date of World Mountain Day 2022? It’s set on December 11.


You’re asking us how you can celebrate the holiday? Of course, by going to the mountains! That would be the perfect scenario.

In case you’re living on the «flat earth» and there is no even the littlest towering landform in your neck of the wood, then it would be the good opportunity to know something new about the magnificent structures made by the hand of Mother Nature.

International Mountain Day Facts

  • Interestingly, the world knows three different holidays with the same name. The first is observed in America and is meant mainly for the student communities; the second and the newest one is celebrated in Japan; and the third is the one we’ve just talked about.

Carve a space in your calendar, when is Mountain Day in 2022, and believe us, seeing these majestic structures at least once in your life is worth anything!


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