A miner is a profession that should be proud, because a person working in a mine spends every day in extreme conditions. This job requires concentration, dedication, clear fulfillment of tasks and professionalism. However, are you ready to answer the question “When is National Miners’ Day in 2022?” without any hesitations or, perhaps, we should give you some time for thinking about?

It is a real pity, but the most typical reply in this case is a negative one. Being agreed of the importance of this occupation, contemporary men and women don’t know when and how to celebrate this special occasion.

That is the explanation why we have made this decision to investigate the matter in details.


Certainly, we understand that it is almost impossible to discuss, what day Miners’ Day in 2022 is, without any serious attention to the historical past of this event.

Unfortunately, there is no much information as to this memorable date. Initially, we can’t but mention that National Miner’s Day was established as a special mark of the anniversary of the worst accident in the mines. On December 6, 1907 the awful tragedy happened in the town of Monogah, which is in West Virginia. As a result, 362 miners were died.

In 2009 the special Congress announced each December 6 as the annual memorable date on the international level.

Old Miner

All in all the prototypes of the first mines appeared in the Neolithic in the 8th-7th centuries BC, when using primitive mountain tools made of horn, stone and wood, people began to create the complex nets of mining by means of supports or pillars.

By the 17th and 18th centuries, the complicated networks of mine workings began to form into precise spatial systems with their functional links (opening, preparation, excavation), interrelated with the technological processes of excavation, transport, ventilation and dewatering, which were almost close to the modern mine.

We also can’t but mention that by the end of the 18th – early 19th centuries, the depths of mines in Europe on average reach 400 (Freiberg mines, Germany) – 600 m (Harz mines, Germany), maximum 1000 m (coal mines of Cumberland, Great Britain), in Russia – about 200 m (Zmeinogorsky mine).


What does Miners’ Day mean? All in all it is up to you to decide, whether this event is important for you or it doesn’t bother. You see, this memorable date is usually appreciated by people, who are in this profession, or have friends and relatives, that are involved into this sphere.

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All in all, the word “miner” came to us from Germany, the so-called employees of the enterprise, which produced the minerals.

People started mining ore in the 15th century, but the mining business itself was not formed by that time. The historical starting point of this profession can be considered the 18th century, when mining began to develop actively.

The profession of the miner is one of the most dangerous. He/she works at great depth, often in very high temperature. One has only to imagine how hard it is for the workers of the deepest mines in the world located in the South African Republic. They are forced to work at 3800-4500 meters under the ground with a heat of 60 degree Celsius.


So you have already known that the answer to the question “When is International Miners’ Day 2022?” sounds like December 6th.

In general miner is a specialist who extracts underground minerals. Among them, coal, oil, iron, copper, silver, gold, diamonds – all this has become an indispensable material in the production of various things and devices, without which it is difficult to imagine the life of modern man.

People, who are in mining industry, work in special facilities located underground. Here, each of them performs certain functions in accordance with his qualifications.

So, there are specialists who pave the way in the terrestrial bowels, – sinkers. There are also people who are directly involved in the extraction of resources, they are called miners of the extraction face.

There are working and the machinists engaged in maintenance and repair of various tools and equipment. An underground electrician is of great importance in mining, he is responsible for the performance of the entire mine. At its full disposal are all technical devices and power lines.

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When is Miners’ Day in 2022, calendar will remind you without any problems. As a rule there are usually no difficulties with this matter.

However, are you ready to celebrate this holiday properly? And in general do you know exactly, how to turn this occasion into memorable event? If your answer is negative, please, don’t get worried, as we are going to help you a lot.

Perhaps, the easiest way to spend the day is to look around. Of course, you will realize how bright and saturated the life around is. But among the representatives of the contemporary society there are people, who make our being more colorful. How? – By pulling the minerals from Earth, of course. – You see, believe you or not, but thanks to the hard work of these guys or ladies (more seldom) we are able to have luxury cars, functional mobile phones and even ordinary pan and pot for cooking our food. The coal and different minerals help the scientists to create all these things.

Miners' Day Parade

If you are surrounded by people, who are in this sphere, congratulate them with their professional holiday. You can even organize a small party, cooking tasty things on December 6. As you understand, the beginning of spring is a perfect time to spend it together in a cozy café, beautiful restaurant or just at home in front of the fireplace. You can chat a lot or play various games, including the board ones, which are extremely popular nowadays.

In the case you don’t have any familiar miners, devote this day to immersing into this direction. Watch documentaries and read the corresponding literature.

There are people, who are lucky to live near the mines, and that correspondingly means that they are always able to go on excursion and to find out something really amazing about this kind of activity.

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National Miners’ Day Facts

According to the specialists’ point of view, the answer to the question like “What is the date of Miners’ Day?” seems more important and natural, if you get some additional pieces of information as to this direction. That is why we would like to give our readers some really amazing facts.

For example, have you ever heard that the mining industry is a complex of branches, used for extraction and primary processing (enrichment) of minerals: fuel, mining, building materials, as well as precious metals and stones?

All over the planet only coal, oil and iron ore annually produce in the amount of more than 1 billion tons.

The production of bauxites, phosphorites is measured by hundreds of millions, manganese, chromium ores, potassium salts, sulfur – tens of millions, lead, zinc, copper ores – millions, nickel, tin, titanium – hundreds of thousands, uranium, tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, silver – tens of thousands of tons.

The world gold production is about 2.3 thousand tons per year, platinum is less than 150 tons. The availability of proven oil reserves at the current production level (about 3 billion tons per year) in the world as a whole is 45 years.

In the US, this figure barely exceeds 10 years, in Russia – 20 years, and in Saudi Arabia it is 90 years, in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates – about 140 years. The world’s explored reserves of natural gas are estimated at 144 trillion cubic m.


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