When is National Marconi Day in 2020? As a rule, only the representatives of the specialized circles are ready to answer the question like this one without any hesitations. In the modern world there are a lot of different devices, which are used by almost all people every day, but unfortunately, all these men and women know nothing about the inventors of the equipment. Today we are going to represent you something like this. Are you ready? – We are starting!


Such matter as what day Marconi Day in 2020 needs careful explanations taking into account the historical background of the special occasion. As you perhaps understand the holiday like this one has a long and fascinating past.

All in all, the device has had a long history. And today we are going to represent you an interesting chronology.

Everything started in 1897, when the young scientist called Marconi established the company under the title “The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company”. It happened in Britain and approximately at the same time the first stationary transmitting station on the Isle of Wight was assembled. In 1898 a specialized factory was opened in England, and initially it employed 50 people only.

In January 1898, the world first heard the news through the device mentioned above. However, this piece of information was really sad. The reporters told about a serious illness of the former British Prime Minister William Gladstone.

The first transatlantic specialized communication session took place on January 14, 1906.

In April 1909, the Californian inventor Charles Herrold, patented a technology that allowed the transmission of not only Morse code signals, but also human voice and music. It was the moment, when the term broadcasting was introduced to public.

The number of victims of the death of “Titanic” on the night of 14 to 15 April 1912 would be even much more if the ship’s radio station had not transmitted the SOS signal and the coordinates of the crash site. Soon after that a special law was passed in the USA. It obliged all maritime vessels to maintain the contact with the coast, and a year later the International Conference on the Safety of Sea Life made this rule global.

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On August 20, 1920, Edward Scripp received the first license to open a private commercial radio station in Detroit. It was a great event. And we can’t but mention that this station is still working today, so everyone can listen to its programs without any difficulties.


What does Marconi Day mean? – Frankly speaking, it is quite difficult to predict whether this holiday means something special for you or not. If you don’t belong to the category of the devoted radio fans, perhaps, you are not planning to do that. However, today we are going to represent you something amazing in order to involve you. For instance, not everybody knows, however, the BBC began broadcasting time signals over the device mentioned above in 1924. So it happened about 100 years ago. It is a pretty long time, isn’t it? – Well, and we have already got used to this service and took it for granted sometimes. Six years later, in 1930, Motorola launched the first car receiver. And already in 1933, patrol police cars in Bayonne, New Jersey, were first equipped with two-way radio.

The amazing fact is that the hard-working participants in the polar expedition of Umberto Nobile (1929) and wintering on the drifting ice under the leadership of Ivan Papanin (1938) were saved thanks to radio amateurs. In 1937, the first station in the FM band was launched in the USA. In 1954, the American company Regency launched the first commercial transistor.

The terrific fact is that the first satellite of the Earth, launched in the USSR on October 4, 1957, carried no equipment, except for two transmitters transmitting a “beep-beep” signal in a range where radio amateurs could catch it.

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The list of amazing pieces of information can be continued, as it is really fascinating. Hope, now you understand that the holiday is worth to be celebrated.


The question “When is International Marconi Day 2020?” is not difficult and it can be answered quite easily. As a rule it is not a serious problem. However, discovering it we concluded that our active followers would appreciate the representation of some additional facts. That is the main explanation why we’re going to demonstrate them today. For example, not all modern people know that in the 20th century, authoritarian regimes widely practiced jamming “unwanted” programs from abroad. It sounds unbelievably. However, even nowadays this practice is still maintained in China, North Korea, Iran and Cuba.

In recent decades, radio has given way to the mainstream media on television and the Internet, but hundreds of millions of people around the world continue to listen to it regularly, especially while they are driving their cars. In 1984, Queen recorded the famous song “Radio Gaga” with the words “What’s new, radio? Someone still loves you”.


When is Marconi Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. The holiday is kept on April 27th and the date was chosen not occasionally. It is devoted to the date of birth of the greatest device inventor. However, you have to be careful under the condition you are going to be involved. The matter is that the holiday doesn’t have a constant and fixed date of its celebration. As a rule, it is celebrated on the first Saturday after the April 25th, the day when the scientist was born.

Would you like to know how to spend this day properly? – Just devote it to discovering something new or listen to the device all day long! Up to the present moment there have been over 50,000 state and commercial stations in the world and about three million radio amateurs communicating in the shortwave range, and the number of receivers is incalculable. All modern information technologies, including mobile communications, wireless Internet and satellite navigation, are based on the invention of the founders of the device.

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International Marconi Day Facts

Investigating the question “What is the date of Marconi Day in 2020?’ we came to the conclusion that our followers would like to know some additional pieces of information. In fact, this direction is rather wide and it contains a great amount of fascinating facts. So today we are going to represent some of them.

First of all, we should remind you that there are several versions as to this invention appearance. There are some specialists, who are sure that the priority in this sphere belongs to the famous Russian scientist Alexander Popov. More than 100 years ago he represented the device in the world. It happened in St. Petersburg during the conference, provided by Physical and Chemical Society, when the very first  telegram was transmitted. The specialist had managed to design his own receiver and transmitter. The message was given with the help of Morse Code.

However, in accordance with some other historians’ points of view the title of the radio inventor belongs to other people, for example, the Italian Guglielmo Marconi, the Serbian Nikola Tesla, the German Heinrich Hertz and the British Oliver Lodge. A lot of contemporary historians argue that Popov, who was working in the navy, was not able to patent the invention, because of the secrecy regime.

Others believe that it is impossible to determine the priority of one of the main inventions of mankind. All in all each of the scientists contributed something significant. The ongoing controversy to this day indicates that the idea had already been in the air, and great minds were thinking in parallel.


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