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🐶👩‍🔬🐱 When is World Veterinary Day 2020

When is World Veterinary Day in 2020? Are you ready to answer this question? As a rule, the contemporary people hesitate with an answer when they are asked unexpectedly. The matter is that the date is usually known in specialized circles. And we find this situation to be unfair one as in the modern world the representatives of this profession are among the most demanded ones. To clear up the matter today we are going to investigate the details devoted to this special occasion.


Talking about the matter what day Veterinary Day in 2020 is in details, we would like to represent you something important concerning the historical background of this fascinating special occasion.

In general, people started to treat and to heal the animals from the period of their domestication. The most ancient facts refer to the 4th century BC. It happened in Egypt and India. The implementation involved ordinary shepherds, typical priests and, of course, herders.

In ancient Greece, in its turn, the living beings were treated mostly by hippiatra (from hippos – horse and iatros – doctor), and doctors. This kind of medicine was highly developed and improved in the course of time in Greece, Italy (mostly in Rome), Arab Emirates and other corners of the planet.

Diseases of the living being are described in details in the writings compiled by Roman scientists, such as, for example, Caton the Elder, Columella and Varro. In their works the now popular terms “veterinary assistance”, “veterinarian”, and “veterinary medicine” in general were mentioned for the very first time.

In the middle of the same century, owners of living beings carried out this kind of care with the help of the so-called folk remedies. The situation was changed in the second part of the 18th century, when the very first veterinary schools were opened. The most popular ones were arranged in France, Austria, Germany and other countries, of course. In those times that kind of care involved specially trained people. And at last we can’t but mention that the first publications on this kind of medicine appeared only in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.


What does Veterinary Day mean? – Well, we don’t know for sure whether you are planning to celebrate this special occasion or not. It depends on your personal attitude to this specialization. As a rule, the profession of a veterinarian requires psychological endurance and physical strength of the hands and back. A livestock specialist and a veterinarian have to take birth in animals, and this is both difficult and very important. The zoological technicians nurse the young creatures from the first minute of the birth.

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By the way, in modern agricultural enterprises, everything is done in a civilized and professional manner. It means that the livestock technician is learning all the time, improving his/her professional qualifications. Anyone who can and all knowledgeable veterinarian and livestock technician are highly paid.


The question “When is International Veterinary Day 2020?” involves a great amount of additional pieces of information. Today we are going to introduce some of them to you. First of all we would like to mention that the term veterinary medicine comes from the Latin word “Veterinaris”, which means caring for cattle or treating cattle.

In general, it is a field of scientific knowledge and practical activities aimed at combating animal diseases, protecting people from zooanthroponosis (infections common to animals and humans), releasing a benign in sanitary terms products and solution of veterinary and sanitary problems of environmental protection.

Nowadays the contemporary owners face a difficult choice. Definitely it should be mentioned that it is better to give preference to well-proven doctors and well-known veterinary centers.

If you go to a veterinary clinic for the first time, initially you have to pay attention to the availability of a license. Secondly, the range of medical and diagnostic services provided in the clinic is important: the presence of x-rays in the clinic, an ultrasound scan, a veterinary laboratory equipped with an operating room indicates the high professionalism of the administration and doctors. Proper treatment can’t be found in the absence of laboratory diagnostics!

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Thus, if your pet needs vaccination and other simple medical manipulations, you can contact the nearest veterinary office or call a doctor at home. On the contrary, if you have an elderly animal with nonspecific symptoms, it is better to immediately go to a large veterinary center.


When is Veterinary Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. The holiday is celebrated on April 25th and usually it is not difficult to memorize the day when it is necessary to say thank you to all those people, who care our beloved pet, vaccinate them and help to stay healthy. The holiday has a fixed date, so you won’t have any problems with remembering it. As you perhaps understand it would be quite silly to wait for some official events devoted to this matter and organized on the stay level. As a rule, the local administration doesn’t care. However, it is up to you to create a real holiday for people around. First of all it is necessary to congratulate those, who are involved in this sphere. If it is impossible for any reason, spend your April 27 discovering something new about people, who are dealing with animal professionally.

World Veterinary Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Veterinary Day in 2020?” needs a lot of various clarifications and explanations. All in all the direction is not very easy. The first sight impression can be mistaken. In general, up to the present moment there have been different professions in veterinary medicine.

If you are looking for a profession and would like to work with animals, then you should first solve the problem: what kind of professional actions you would like to perform with animals.

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Animals can be treated, fed, raised, researched, trained and used for rescue purposes. These actions correspond to the profession, the profession of a veterinarian, the profession of animal technician, the profession dog handler, the profession of a groomer.

Let’s suppose you have decided for yourself that you would like to treat animals. Then the second task arises before you: which animals would you like to treat? This is a professionally important question, because it defines a way of life. If you are going to treat cattle, you will have to live in the village, for the profession of a cattle vet is practiced in agriculture. If you want to live categorically in the city, then be prepared for dogs and cats only. Which ones? – It does not matter indeed.

Under the condition, you want to make stylish haircuts for dogs, the size of the settlement will be rather important. Why? – The matter is that in small towns, dogs are not yet taken to a professional groomer.

When choosing a profession related to animals, ask yourself whether you like these creatures so much to deal with them every day and every year.

As a rule, the representatives of these professions are in demand throughout the civilized world. Joy in this direction is based on the constant contact of a specialist with wildlife, on the diversity of actions and on the obvious performance of a professional and his constant professional development.

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