When is International Day of Radiology in 2022? Are you ready to answer this question immediately? To tell you the truth, we are almost sure that you won’t do it even under the condition we give you some prompts. As a rule, this holiday is known quite well only in the specialized circles. Today we’re going to clarify the situation, investigating the special occasion in details.


It is impossible to imagine the investigation of the matter what day Day of Radiology in 2022 is, without mentioning the historical background of the event.

Everything started a long time ago, in the fall 1895, when the famous German scientists Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen discovered the X-ray radiation. It happened on November, 8th. And it was a birthday of a new medical discipline called radiology. The main initiators were represented by three organizations, including European Society of Radiology, together with American College of Radiology as well as Radiological Society of North America.

The purpose of this special occasion creating was quite noble. They were going to draw the public attention to this medical science itself, as well as to its advantages. Actually World This holiday replaced the existing European Radiology Day, which was established in 2011. By the way the last one was celebrated only once on February 10, 2011 and was organized in honor of the anniversary of Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen’s death.

On the evening of November 8, 1895, Roentgen, as usual, worked in his laboratory, studying cathode rays. At about midnight, feeling tired, he was about to leave. Looking around the laboratory, he turned off the light and wanted to close the door, when he suddenly noticed some luminous spot in the dark. Having recovered from momentary amazement, X-ray began to study the discovered phenomenon and new rays, which he called X-rays.


What does Day of Radiology mean? Frankly speaking, we can’t tell for sure whether this special occasion means something for you or not. To answer this question instead of you we have to know you personally. And as you, perhaps, understand it is impossible. So it is only up to you to decide whether to keep the holiday or to forget completely about its existence in the modern calendar.

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As it’s been already mentioned above this special occasion is believed to be an annual holiday dedicated to this specialty in general as well as to the specialists, who are in it, in particular. At the very beginning the event was initiated by the representatives of three leading organizations the European Society of Radiology (ESR), the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). The holiday is relatively young. For the first time it was held worldwide seven years ago, to be more exact in 2012.

After the discovery of electromagnetic waves, scientists thought about the possibility of their application in human life. Countless experiments have been conducted. Some of them were a threat, others had positive results. Thanks to them, today this method is widely used in treatment and diagnosis. As a rule, it demonstrates good results.

Many contemporary people are familiar with this direction, magnetic resonance and multispiral computed tomography, ultrasound examinations and other imaging methods, but few understand the exact purpose of the application and the diagnostic significance of such methods.

The main area of application was chosen for the diagnostic cancer visualization, in order to show the important role of this science at all stages of cancer control – from early detection to prevention, in monitoring the treatment process.

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The question “When is World Day of Radiology 2022?” contains a great amount of amazing pieces of information. Certainly, we would like to share them with you. However, from the very beginning we want to give the definition of the science itself.

This science is considered to be a medical area in medicine that studies the possibilities and consequences of the use of ionizing waves in the detection and treatment of various diseases, as well as those pathologies and painful conditions that arise when the person or an animal has contacted with radioactive waves.

All in all, as contemporary science radiology is considered to be a section of medicine in which the possibilities of diagnostic and therapeutic use of radiation (including x-ray) and radioactive substances are studied.

Actually, in this direction, there are two main areas – radio diagnostics and radiotherapy. To them it is necessary to add a completely new and rapidly developing area called interventional science.

The beginning of radiology happened with the X-rays discovery and today magnetic fields, high-frequency radiation, ultrasonic waves, etc. are used in radiotherapy and radio diagnostics.


When is Day of Radiology in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. The main thing, you have to do under the condition you are going to be joined, is to memorize the date of its celebration. It happens on November 8th annually. The date is fixed, so as a rule, there are usually no any problems with remembering.

As it has been already mentioned above for the first time, the event was held on November 8, 2012, and since then it has been celebrated annually among physicians around the planet. In the framework of the holiday, various lectures, different symposia, amazing conferences, public round tables, as well as open days in hospitals are held.

On November 8th it is usually possible to be involved into various kinds of activities. It is up to you to choose the direction, however, under the condition they are unavailable, you are always free to invent something special for yourself as well as for you surrounding. What about devoting this autumn day to discovering something new? – All in all, nowadays there are a lot of films, documentaries, internet articles and numerous periodicals concerning this direction. It is up to you to choose something special for yourself. And your choice depends of your personal preferences.

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International Day of Radiology Facts

So you have already got the answer to the question “What is the date of Day of Radiology in 2022?” However, it is impossible to imagine this holiday without the representation of some of its peculiar features.

In practice, an accurate diagnosis is the basis for successful therapy. As a rule, it happens regardless of the direction. Actually, no matter whether the person has orthopedic problems, chronic headaches, pains in the chest, abdominal cavity or even cancer diseases are involved.

The main task of radiologists is to photograph the organs of the human body. Up to the present moment, the most typical procedure in radiology is x-ray studies, which is a method that has been successfully used for over 100 years. During this time, the quality of the images improved significantly, and the dose reached record low rates. In addition to x-rays, other types of ionizing radiation, such as gamma one and electrons, are also used in modern science.

Modern knowledge and unique experience gathered by highly qualified radiologists, a wide range of studies carried out using the most modern technology are the conditions for reliable, gentle and quick diagnosis. To achieve this goal, specialists use all available methods of radiological research – both the newest ones and those that have proven themselves.


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