Daylight Saving time is a popular practice of transferring the clocks, which originates from the invention of a genius man from New Zealand, named George Hudson. It all started back in 1895, when he analyzed situation with energetics and invented a way to reduce energy consumption, as well as solve some problems with activities that depend on sunlight. Not to mention that in those times the problem of deterioration of filament lamps was huge and really bothered majority of citizens.

So, what exactly did he propose? He was capable of creating and promoting the brilliant idea of transferring the clocks one hour onward in a middle of spring and then changing the time conversely in autumn. One may ask what the purpose of it is. This annual action helped to preserve sunlight by adjusting social rhythms to the yearly cycle of Earth. As in winter period sun rises later than in summer, it is pretty rational to change time in order to compensate difference between these two seasons. This also helps to preserve electricity in summer period, as sun sets reasonably later then.

Daylight Saving Time ends 2017

There is one important question that is frequently associated with DST. When Daylight Saving Time ends in 2022? That question has no simple answer to it, because almost every country that does observe DST sets its own start and end for it. Not to say that nowadays there are numerous countries that never observed it or stopped to observe recently. We will try our best to provide you with information regarding DST timing in various countries.

United States of America

In USA the practice of DST applies to almost every state. Every state and county except for Arizona, Hawaii and few other minor parts of America observes DST in order to be synchronized with other states. And while this practice is actively critiqued nowadays due to its irrelevance and not so obvious benefits, not only United States of America keeps on observing DST. Same goes for more than half of modern countries. From time to time it leads to various technical troubles, as exact time of two after morning usually being skipped by computers and other devices. That leads to program malfunctioning of different kinds.

Now then, when does Daylight Saving Time end in 2022 in America? In America this observance takes its start at two after morning on the second Sunday of third month and ends at the same time on the first Sunday of eleventh. Thus, in 2022 Daylight Saving Time, which is often misspelled and mispronounced as Daylight Savings Time, end on November, fifth.

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By the way, when did America start to observe this universal practice? It all started back in the times of World War One, when Germany established it as a way to solve problems with fuel expenditure in order to achieve resource advantage. Very soon, other European countries copied this practice and established their own time for such shifts. But America refused to accept such troublesome rules for pretty long time. In America this practice was introduced only with Standard Time Act.


In Israel, Daylight Saving Time usually called Israel Summer Time. It is pretty much exactly the same practice, but with other name and slightly different timing. On one day during spring season people transfer their clocks, so the time shifts one hour forward, and then they change it back in autumn.

Israel Summer Time altered throughout past few decades, adapting and conforming as whole world advanced more and more. This practice was introduced to the citizens of Israel first during the notorious period of World War Two and had a few changes to it since then. And while numerous countries abandoned DST recently, Israel only prolonged this time period more and more, advancing the rules that are related to it in process. Thus, IST reached the length of approximately two hundred days.

So, when does Daylight Saving Time end in 2022 in this country? In Israel timing of DST can be pretty confusing, as Israel Summer Time starts two days before the last Sunday of March. Then it lasts for more than two hundred days and ends on the last Sunday of October, just before cruel darkness of November starts to unleash. So, this year people will transfer their clocks back to original time on the twenty-nine of October. If you live there, don’t miss this date, or you might be late for work or school. When you see that it is two after morning on your clock, adjust it so it will show one after morning instead.

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Daylight Saving Time ends

United Kingdom

In Great Britain government accepts and supports the worldwide practice of Daylight Saving Time by changing time zone annually from UTC+0 to UTC+1 in summer time and its ambit. It is known mostly as British Summer Time, which abbreviates into BST.

So, what exactly happens on the date of BST beginning? Civil time of Great Britain shifts one hour forward. Thus, time zone changes and social rhythms synchronize with the rhythm of planet Earth, which spins around Sun. Due to the fact that in summer daylight lasts for longer period of time than in winter, people and government advance their clocks. That helps with saving energy of different kinds, as well as benefits social and sport activities, especially outdoor types.

That leads us to important question, which always bound to the very principals of DST. When is Daylight Saving Time end in 2022 in United Kingdom? There, this time period starts on the last Sunday of third month and lasts until last Sunday of October. So, given this information, we can say for sure that in 2022 British Summer Time will end on the twenty-ninth of October.

Miscellaneous information

If you did not find information on DST in your country in this article, you can try to it somewhere else on the internet. There is possibility, though, that in this case your country either never observed or stopped observing this custom. To check that out type in some of various search engines something like when Daylight Saving Time ends in 2022, calendar. Keep in mind that in America time shifts on November, 5th, while in European Union it shifts mostly on October, 29th.


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