People are used to have control over everything, for example, over natural processes, life, animals, and plants. There is one thing what remains uncontrolled and this is the time.  No one has any power to govern ages, centuries, minutes, and seconds. How many times did we regret the past? How many acts did we want to apologize for, to explain, to forget, to pass over? Still, the life course is inexorable, more we live, the time of existence gets shorter and shorter. Despite this obvious reality, there is an interesting option. It is the tradition to set the clocks an hour forward. Is it a decision to change the consequences of misunderstanding? Is it the cultural or political phenomenon? Is it the social need? At least, is it good or bad? Next, we will consider about the celebration when is National Day Light Saving Time Change in 2018. What purposes does it aim to? What influence does it make on the whole civilization?

The history of commemoration

Why did people start to skip some moments in summer? Who proposed this alternative? Well, American president Benjamin Franklin was the beginner, the person who claimed attention to the saving of the solar brightness. In 1784, he wrote the publication ‘An economical project for diminishing the cost of light’. This famous man studied the consumption of energies in big towns, his essay especially concerned France and its capital city, Paris. Franklin wrote to one of the French editors giving some propositions but the publisher did not pay attention to his words.

Day Light Saving Time Change

The next promoter of the problem was William Willet in 1907. He was a British member of Parliament being an architect. He spoke about the waste of luminosity and shared his thoughts with some friends of his. One wonderful morning he was riding a horse, and he saw that many windows were closed in the full morning, he thought that it was wrong because the citizens of London did not take profit of the Sun energy but use candles to lighten their houses. He initiated the government project that would give the right to set clocks 20 minutes forward 4 times a year. Still, his idea did not find support between other governors.

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German were the pioneers in the stated area. They kept in minds the idea to establish the tradition of resetting the clocks one hour forward in summer and one hour back in winter. Since 1916 during the First World War German began this change and since that instant, almost all Europeans knew when is International Day Saving Time Change. Great Britain followed them at once, the same act was adopted by the USA Congress in 1918.

Historically, there are some variations of this transformation of brightness in some European countries and in some US states.

The meaning of the observance

What does Daylight Saving Time mean for Americans? Its abbreviation DST is famous all over the world as the period of a certain duration established on the local territory. It is sometimes called the summer hour when the local population obtains one extra hour.

This reordering is initiated for many reasons. Its general purposes are the following ones:

  1. To make the summer longer. One can enjoy the beautiful hot days even if it is 10 o’clock in the evening.
  2. To prolong the humans’ daily activities. More it is light, more one may work or do any other activities.
  3. To save energy. Let us study this advantage. If the man gets up early in the morning and not in the dark night (mornings differ in winter and in summer), he watches the sun shining brightly and this effect influences the next day. As a result, people go to bed late. That is why they do not use the electricity, do not switch on the lights, the Earth inhabitants are serving the natural sunlight.
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The definition of anniversary

Despite the positive sides offered by the possibility to assure more brightness during the summer period, we want to notice what disadvantages Day Light Saving Time Change in 2018 provides on men body and mind. Scientists underline its bad influence that is the reason why many countries refused to reset the clocks. Medical studies have shown it touches physiological and psychological health. It disturbs human biorhythms, we feel sleepy and tired. In addition to this, men who suffer from cardiovascular diseases have troubles with heart these periods in the year. They visit doctors more often but the causes of complaint quickly disappear when the inhabitants get used with adopted timeline.

Other doctors pretend it is a good option for us, one additional hour gives more strength, power, new forces. It refreshes the daily routine, we feel happy and positive emotions. Children are also affected by the change of clocks, their adaptation takes no more than one week.

The traditions of the ceremonial

We call the time-saving change the passing from cold period to the hot one. It was used to perform on April 1st. Besides, most world states accepted the removing instant for the last weekend of March. That was done because some medical studies have shown that men easily accommodate on weekends to these temporal metamorphoses. As follows, most states in Europe except Russia take advantage of bigger and warmer summer time. Some parts of Saskatchewan and British Columbia, as well as Australia and New Zealand, did not vote for this rule. The South America and Southern Africa equally move their clocks obtaining the new time-frame. Canada and the USA likewise observe the DST including several exceptions, of course. The States of Arizona and Hawaii have rejected the national tradition. If somebody wants to memorize when is Day Light Saving Time Change in 2018, he should know its date does not remain fixed in the calendars. It falls on March 11th this year, the previous year it was March 12th, the next one will happen March 10th.

Day Light Saving Time Change

International Day Light Time Change facts

It is interesting but some animals, especially the domestic ones, can likewise perceive the temporal modifications. It concerns the periods when we feed them or when they were used to sleeping or to waking up. They may even become aggressive, hostile toward you.

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Similarly, men and women feel not well the following weeks after the time transformations. The most affected are those who suffer from any of heart diseases. The journal Open Heart in 2014 found that the number of heart attacks increases in this period more than by 24 percent. People complain about a terrible headache, a low blood-pressure level, a bad mood. Children and elderly cannot sleep well, the productivity of work decreases by 10 percent.

No matter what position will you stand for, denying or accepting an additional hour for summer, remembering what is the date of Day Light Saving Time Change in 2018 will probably help you to celebrate the life in all its diversity. Thanks to this occasional prolongation of summer days, you could admire wonderful sunrises and unbelievable sunsets, you are given the possibility to spend more time with your close to heart people, to go out longer, to breathe the freshness longer, to stay away from the troubles and problems longer. Do not waste this period of legerity, brightness, and happiness because if the life gives you some extra time, you have to take full advantage of it.


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