Nowadays the modern world is a century of information, data, and technologies. The world of the Internet is developing, though even by nowadays we are all surrounded by such kind of things. We use social networks, work on the Internet, share some information and data everywhere with totally different people. But how often do we think, whether it all is safe enough? Most of us do not even think on this topic, but very often people suffer from the loss of personal information. That is why there are special organizations and people, which work on this question and try to protect people from such kind of problems and try to teach them about how to behave yourself correctly. And in todayโ€™s article, we will discuss a holiday, which was dedicated to this problem. We will speak detailed about it and will know, when is National Data Privacy Day in 2020.


This holiday is really very important due to modern living conditions. It is very important for any person to know the basics of this topic to feel safe and to understand the situation around you soberly. We will give you all the information, which you should know, but first, we will turn to the history of this holiday in order to make our discussion clear and reasonable.

Data Privacy Day

As to the history of the holiday, it all began about only 40 years ago, in 1981. At that time the question of data protection has been raised in a special counsel, but the holiday itself was created and started much later. The first time it has been celebrated only in 2007, so you see that it is rather young and does not have that many facts from history and its background are not very rich. The main aim of the holiday was to make people take care of their private information and teach them how do protect it. So, now more people know what day Data Privacy Day in 2020 is.

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What does Data Privacy Day mean, we will know in the following paragraphs. We want to make you understand the holiday better, to understand its sense in general first. It all we need to explain toyou because after it you will probably also join the celebrations and will be interested in the ways of protection of your information. Before it, you have probably not heard about this holiday and anything about this topic, but now its time to know such things, because they influence our life and conditions, in which we live. That is why letโ€™s move to the general explanation of the holiday, which we are discussing now.

So, the holiday meaning goes right from its name. Probably you have already guessed what is it all about, but we will tell you in order to give the concrete and truthful information. The holiday is dedicated to the protection of information of all sorts in modern living conditions. The sense of all these organizations is to teach people and show them of the necessity of the protection of any data, they share. Also, people are needed to be taught to understand, how to use this or that type of information correctly and many other things of the sort. Many people do not simply understand, why do they need it all, and during this holiday celebrations, they will know it.


We hope that you have understood the sense of the day in general. Now we would like to move further, deep into the details and discuss the rest of the things, which concern this day. Now we have enough information so that we can now pay attention to the smaller things, which are also not less important than the general facts. We have already understood, that the reasons, which lead to the existence of this holiday, were so that with the development of modern technologies, the spread of advertisement, internet resources and such like things, where people needed to leave or give their personal information, there became a need in the protection of this data.

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Before the first celebrations started, the special council already discussed this question for a long time. They tried to provide a lot of variants, which might help to protect personal information. Certainly, it all was good, but still, people were not well aware of this sphere of their life and understood not many things. And there was a necessity to continue working in this field, make people know about it more and teach them to use their and other information carefully and correctly. That is why by now people know, when is International Data Privacy Day 2020.


Now after we have discussed the main and basic questions on this topic and understood the main things, we are ready to go further and speak about the rest of the facts. Now we would like to discuss, how do people celebrate it all, because many do not simply understand, what should they do throughout the holiday. Also, we should understand that it is not a day, during which we need to have fun, but it is a day when we should reach serious and important goals.

Data Privacy

So, the main thing, which people do at this time is informing others in any way about the protection of their information and data all in all. In which way it is done, it even does not matter. Usually, various lectures are organized, booklets are given out, some exhibitions are held, etc. All this is usually organized by specialists, who well enough information on the topic, can not only provide it but also explain something and answer questions, which may arise at the audience, who visited any of the places. Though it may sound boring, it is not true โ€“ it all is not only very informative but really interesting and helps to make your life safer. You will teach to protect yourself with your own knowledge, but not rely on somebody and should not be afraid of somebodyโ€™s attacks if you know, what is the date of Data Privacy Day 2020.

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National Data Privacy Day Facts

Probably that is all, what we should know about this holiday. We told you the most important things, which concern history, its sense, and traditions throughout the day. As the holiday is rather young and obvious, there are no some special facts, which might be collected towards any of these topics more. But we can add, that except the traditions, which we have told you about, people also may know some information on their own, if they do not want to visit the existing events โ€“ for example, read special literature at the library or visit various internet resources.

The holiday is celebrated once a year since 2007. The date has been chosen for January 28 and since that time it is always celebrated on the same day. The holiday is treated as national official one, but it is not a day off everywhere. The holiday becomes really popular and spread from the United States, where it has been celebrated originally, too many other big countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and others. Their people always know well, when is Data Privacy Day in 2020, on the calendar and are always ready to take part in it.


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