These one are loved by both adults and children. Or, maybe the adults become the children when they eat them. The pancakes for breakfast are the best dish that the humanity invented. Agree?

There are lots of variations of serving them – with the berries, bananas, honey, jam, sour cream, and even tomato sauce. But the biggest place in the hearts of many is for the blueberry. So big that there is even a holiday dedicated to that yummy combination. When is National Blueberry Pancake Day in 2018? Read on!


The pancakes are somewhere between the flat cakes and the buns. The shape and size are from the first ones and the thickness is from the second. However, they are made of the flour and fried in the pan without oil so the similarity to the flat cakes is more striking.

And if the flat cakes were created in the 9th century by the people who were involved in the farming and the wheat cultivation, the origin of the pancakes is still unknown. But some experts believe that the recipe was brought to America together with the immigrants. Today, it is one of the most popular typical US desserts. It is easy to make and that’s why almost every breakfast can’t do without the pancakes. In fact, they are perfect for any time of the day. We’re sure, no one would be able to refuse the staple of the flavored, thick and softest pancakes covered with the maple or chocolate syrup!

Blueberry Pancakes

Long before our days, they were made according to the most basic recipe which contained only two ingredients – the butter, water and the eggs. A bit later, people came up with the idea of adding the delicious touches such as the jams and honey to the plate next to the pancakes. Then, the turn of the dough came and it was spruced up with the nuts, fruits, berries, and the like.

By the way, even though the delicacy might have been brought by the Europeans, the pan that is used for baking them is considered to be a purely American invention. Yep, not any kind of the utensil would fit, it has to be with the special covering that let them get baked through in a second and without oil.

When is International Blueberry Pancake Day 2018? The Americans do know!

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What does National Blueberry Pancake Day mean? It means taking your time and enjoying the hot pile of the delectable pancakes that are generously decorated with the blueberry.

Not only are they tasty enough, they are also useful whenthere are a handful of the berries in! The blueberry is a berry growing in the north that has a sweet-sour taste. The healthy bonuses of this one are so prominent that it is sometimes believed to be a medicine as well. It contains lots of the essential elements such as the lactic, citric, chinic, and malic acids, plus the manganese, potassium, iron, sulfur, phosphorus, copper, zinc, and vitamins A, B, and C groups. On top of that, the blueberry has a lion’s share of the antioxidants and it is able to preserve the good memory until the old age and the sharp eyesight.

The berry strengthens the cardiovascular system, helps prevent the infections and lose the weight. By eating it regularly, the risk of the cardiovascular diseases drops. Besides, it has the anti-inflammatory, antiputrefactive, diuretic, and cholagogic effect.

The most useful antioxidant is an anthocyanin and the blueberry hap plenty of this, more than any other berry. Also, there is an element called glycoside that works like insulin. Duetothatthing, the blueberry reduces the level of sugar in the blood and rehabilitates the function of the pancreas. The carotenoids improve the eyesight, renew the cells of the retina, fix the blood circulation in the eyes and the night vision.A handful of the berries is recommended for the people whose job can’t do away without the computer screen.

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Due to the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, it eases the sickliness during the flues and inflammatory processes in the respiratory tracts. One of the most positive sides of the berry is its beneficial influence on the digestive system. It normalizes the digestion and works well with diarrhea and constipation. Moreover, the juice of the blueberry is a powerful bactericidal thing that kills the causative agents of typhoid fever and dysentery. The doctors insist on taking a couple of the berries daily if a patient suffers from heartburnand gastritis.

The big amounts of the antioxidants prevent the untimely aging, cardiovascular diseases, including stroke and thrombosis. The anticoagulants – which the berry is also rich in – prevent the coagulability. The bactericidal effect eliminates the possible nephritis and pyelitis.

Regardless of what day World Blueberry Pancake Day in 2018 happens on, think of introducing this yumminess to your everyday diet!


The Europeans like baking the pancakes no less than the Americans. However, their version is a bit thicker and served with the sweet adding.

The Germans, in particular, prefer the substantial pancakes made of the whipped cream and cheese and also the pancake cakes with the various fillings. The Scandinavians are the great fans of these baked goodies and serve them as the tubes with the sweet stuffing or with the ordinary sausage. The dough is often made of the potatoes.

The Danes, in their turn, love eating the dish withthe fruits and make them in the shape of the cakes. The French are proud of their own variation called the crêpe. The sweet ones are served with the whipped cream and berries while the non-sweet ones are eaten with the cheese, ham, and eggs. By the way, the French were the ones who invented the crêpes flambé – the baked dough is sprinkled with the liquor and set alight.

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Homemade Blueberry Pancakes

In Spain, the pancakes are popular, too. There are even the eateries dedicated to the pancakes where the dish is made and served in your presence. Italy is known for the kind of the crespelle pancakes which are similar to the French crêpes.

What is the date of National Blueberry Pancake Day 2018? It falls on January 28th!


On the typical food holiday, the main rule is to make the thing that is being celebrated. So, spare half an hour for the recipe we give you.

Take a glass of the flour, two eggs, a cup of milk, a cube of an unsalted butter, half glass of the sugar, a tad of the vanilla essence, and three tablespoons of the fresh blueberry. Whip the eggs with sugar and drops of vanilla. Unpack the butter, warm up milk and go on whipping. Pour the flour and mix everything together until the mass is thick and smooth. Add the blueberries. Pour the tablespoon of the dough into the pan and bake until the bubbles appear. Turn it down and wait for ten seconds for the golden crust to form.

If you’re going to make it for children during the breakfast, you can, for example, make the funny smiles of the berries. For the loved ones, you can make the heart. Serve with anything you like, be it the warm sweet honey with the cold sour cream or the classic maple syrup and sugar powder. The combination of the different textures always seems so alluring.

International Blueberry Pancake Day Facts

  • The dish is so easy to make that even the children become the experts once you show them how to bake them!

Make a firm fixture on your calendar, when is Blueberry Pancake Day in 2018, and amaze your near and dear ones with the healthy start of the day.


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