Fun holidays are common to many countries. There’s no need to observe serious religious traditions and to follow strict political observances. People can do what they want slightly following ordinary rules. One of such days is an event which is devoted to card games. People can play various card games everywhere in the world. A special date is initiated for this game. When is National Card Playing Day in 2022?


The history of cards started in the Chinese territories. This kind of entertainment appeared in the 9th century. This theory came from the text of those times which described one princess who played that game. The entertainment was named a leaf game.

This kind of the time spending is considered to be taken to other countries, to Persia and India. Later the entertainment spread across the whole world. Later it used printed sheets. Every sheet didn’t have numbers or suits, just a list of forfeits.

The familiar cards were created at the late 13th century. It happened when two men were caught while using wood blocks during the game. Besides this fact, there’s a suggestion that those cards could be used as currency. Real money was sometimes substituted by these things. The earliest variant of entertainment which people know nowadays appeared during the 14–17th centuries.

Dogs playing cards

Later producers of decks even patented their variants. The first known patent was in 1864. Later it was proposed to print the reversible variant. Nevertheless, the government of France prohibited that innovation. Italian and other European territories took that innovation for granted. That design was even patented in England in 1799. The Joker was proposed by the US designers. This example was proposed in 1875.

The game has spread throughout the whole world. Besides, it has become one of the most popular games in the world. People can play many variants with one block.

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There’s no certain information when the holiday appeared. Nevertheless, it is one of the most celebrated holidays in the calendar. “What day Card Playing Day in 2022?” It’s celebrated on the 28th of December.


What does Card Playing Day mean for lots of players? The day is just an additional reason to play cards. People like such days and use them for entertaining. The occasion is a kind of joy for many people. They may use the day for spending time together with their relatives.

Everybody can play cards. The only restriction concerns playing for benefit. Some countries restrict such games upon pain of punishment. The game is a gambling game which is proposed in many casinos. That’s why lots of governments think that it’s a harmful entertainment.

Various psychologists insist that cards can develop children’s memory and brains. Besides, it develops self-assurance and logic. Adults can use some card games to develop their children. There’s no need to choose a gambling game. The holiday is a great reason to teach a child to play a harmless game. There’re dozens examples and types. A person can play alone or have a friendly company.

The day is always used to make different tournament in different kinds of a card game. Besides, the entertainment doesn’t depend on the weather. It can be organized in any conditions. Special benefit is provided by the neighboring holidays, such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Lots of people have long vacations and spend them in a family circle.

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When is International Card Playing Day 2022? It’s on the 28th of December.


The occasion’s definition isn’t difficult to be understood. People all over the world know exactly what this entertainment means. The card games are a habitual spending of time for thousands of people, that’s why, the event is widely used by them.

The cards for playing are the paper things which are especially prepared. Besides, cards can be made of plastic. Many variants are made of cotton-paper mix. Many manufacturers make plastic-coated paper and cardboard. The material expresses a certain motif. Due to the variety of stamps people play various games with cards.

The 1st notice of the word “card” appeared in the 1300s. This term has many definitions according to the international dictionaries. The first meaning describes an instrument which cards fibers. Other meanings depend on words that denote the term.

There’re lots of games which can be connected with cards:

  • Spoons;
  • Solitaire;
  • Texas Hold’em;
  • Hearts;
  • Black Jack;
  • Spades;
  • Bridge;
  • Poker;
  • Gin Rummy;
  • Spite and Malice and others.

What is the date of Card Playing Day 2022? This holiday is always set on December, 28.


The simplest way to observe this event is playing cards. One of the traditions could be connected with the known variant. Another way to celebrate the event is through learning other variants. There’re hundreds of games that could be played during the day. Besides, people can choose habitual variants or take other nations’ examples.

Modern market proposes lots of decks for using different interesting variants of a game. The real fans of this entertainment can get limited collections. Due to the accepted traditions people have kept this efficient way of relaxation.

Ace quads

This day seems to be a great reason to meet friends and relatives. If this day is a week-end, the whole day can be spent for a tournament. If it’s a week-day, friends can gather in the evening. The program of meeting may include a picnic or a short festive party.

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If you are an adult, you could visit any casino in your country and have a nice game. People with a certain income can visit Las Vegas for a great pastime in its casinos.

Various tournaments are provided in many countries where card games aren’t restricted. It’s the best way to spend free time. Besides, it’s one of the possible ways to earn some money for the New Year’s celebration.

When is Card Playing Day in 2022, calendar of tournaments? The occasion is held on December, 28.

National Card Playing Day Facts

  • The largest enterprise which produces the equipment for the entertainment was initiated in 1867 in Ohio. It vends more than 100 million decks. It produces also decks for international brands.
  • That paper variant was created in the 1100s.
  • Every French card represents a real historical figure.
  • A free card is made for advertisement.
  • Patterns on the back are unique. Red and blue are commonly used.
  • The tallest tower was built of cards in 1992. People made it of 2400 pieces.
  • One of the devoted fans was Giacomo Casanova. He even mentioned this fact in his memoirs.
  • This kind of entertainment goes back to the 7th It was initiated in China.
  • Soldiers in many armies play cards.
  • This entertainment develops courage, patience and memory.
  • There’re lots of online casinos which are popular among young people.
  • The suits originated in the 15th They had a certain meaning then.
  • Judith, a biblical heroine, is considered to be the prototype of the Queen of Hearts.

French government set taxes on the deck.


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