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🐶 When is National Puppy Day 2020

Almost all of us have or have ever had a pet. According to the contemporary survey, the most typical home animals are dogs, cats or birds. It is of common knowledge, but could you? Please, answer the question “When is National Puppy Day in 2020?” immediately and without surfing the net? Unfortunately, we predict your negative reply. Why? – You see, the matter is that this special occasion is unknown for the greatest part of the contemporary people.

And, frankly speaking, that is an explanation, why we have made this decision to investigate this subject in details.


Certainly, we understand that it would be really silly to discover, what day World Puppy Day in 2020 is, without taking into account the historical background of this event.

The holiday was introduced by Collin Page, the creator of the National Cats Day and National Dog Day. The main purpose of the holiday according to its inventor is not only to exchange lovely photos of puppies and give gifts to their pets, but also to make a donation for the needs of shelter animals or even to take one of them home.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to discover why the celebration of this holiday was established for March 23th annually. Perhaps, this day was somewhat important for the creator herself. There is an idea that this date was the birthday of her favorite dog.



What does National Puppy Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, we are not ready to answer this question. Why? – The matter is that we are sure that we can’t dedicate or order you what holidays to celebrate and which ones can be forgotten without any problems. It is up to you to decide, whether this event is important from your own point of view or it means nothing.

At the same time we would like to mention another reason for creating this special occasion. – It is to attract attention to the problem of unscrupulous breeders who are speculated by thoroughbred puppies. Unfair breeders form a real shadow business. – They reduce their dogs, possessing at least some sort of pedigree, get offspring and sell unvaccinated or sick pups, because they have no desire to take care of the offspring and invest money in its health.

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Many animals are kept in close cages before sale. Puppies are eager to be sold as soon as possible, and because of it they are early taken from the mothers.

In general, the attitude towards animals from the side of unscrupulous breeders is exclusively as to the product, where the ultimate goal is the realization under any conditions.

In the United States, there are approximately 8 to 10,000 such breeders, many of them associated with pet stores.

According to the holiday creator, people should know how shadow breeders work, and how they work in canine shelters. So, in one of such shelters in the state of Utah there are about 300 dogs and about 50 or 60 new ones come here every day. In 2015, the shelter managed to attach more than 5000 dogs. However, the employees of the shelter, unlike the shadow vendor, will necessarily warn about the complexities of caring for the puppy, about the enormous amount of forces and time that will need to be spent on its maintenance. While the shadow seller will impose on you a dog, claiming that it is unpretentious and does not require unnecessary costs.


So you have already known that the answer to the question “When is International Puppy Day 2020?” soundsquite easily like “On March 23rd” but we would like to give you some recommendations as to this subject in general.

Never take dog, if you are irritated by any mote in the house. The puppy can leave a lot of hair on the sofa and on the floor. It also can’t wait for a walk, spoil your carpet, chew your favorite sneakers or break a coat apart.

The specialists do not recommend to keep this animal, if you are allergic.

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Any puppy owner should be ready to walk with a dog in any weather, no matter it is rain, snow or cold outside.

By the way, have you ever thought that the content of the dog is not a cheap pleasure, because it needs to be fed, bought vitamins, vaccinated and, in case of what, to pay for the treatment. And if you want to become the owner of a pedigree pet and hope for its tribal use, you will have to spend money on exhibitions, haircuts and training.


When is Puppy Day in 2020, calendar is always ready to remind you, so, please, don’t worry. However, are sure that you can celebrate this event properly? Frankly speaking there are no any special rules and customs, but we are going to give you some pieces of advice as to the spending of March 23rd in a good way.

The first thing you can do is to visit the nearest shelter for animals. Usually there are some of them even in the smallest towns. Here you can always adopt a new friend. Fortunately, as a rule, it is possible to sign all the necessary documents in the same day and to return home together.

If you are chatting actively in the social networks, on March 23rd try to do it with appropriate hashtags, the list of which is relatively wide. Some people also prefer to post the pictures of their pets or any puppies this day.

There is a great amount of various documentaries, books and periodicals, devoted to these sweet creatures and the realities of their lives. Why not to try some of them this day?


Do you have a dog or perhaps your friends or relatives have? – Share the pictures on Facebook and try to get as many likes as it is possible.

Do you want to help this day? – Donate the available sum of money for shelters or help them with feeding, walking, cleaning or playing with local dwellers.

International Puppy Day Facts

Trying to give our readers the wide answer to the set above question “What is the date if National Puppy Day in 2020?”, we would like to amaze them with some other interesting pieces of information.

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Are you still hesitating to purchase a dog for your kid or not? Here is list, which explains parents why your kid needs a puppy as soon as possible.

  • To be loved. In order to become a good adult, your child needs a lot of love. Of course, you love him/her very much, however, a little more love never hurts, and the puppy’s love is unconditional. The dog accepts its owner by any: clever or stupid, clean or dirty.
  • To feel protected. Certainly, usually for every child his/her father is strong and mother is formidable, and both of them will easily cope with potential offenders. But walking with dad or mom – it’s not like walking with a dog! If necessary, the dog will sacrifice its life to protect the small owner.
  • To whom to pay attention to. According to the specialists’ point of view, a child up to a certain age is a real black hole that requires much time, care and attention. He/she just needs society very much and has not learned to entertain himself/herself alone.
  • That was, with whom to play. A modern child often lacks a society that is why a boy or a girl fills the gap with the Internet and video games. And for the development of the imagination children need to invent their own stories, and not take someone else’s. They need to imagine, for example, that the puppy is a beautiful prince, a mighty dragon or a warhorse.
  • For love. We can love cakes, vermicelli, ride from the hill, games about pirates, neighbor, plush mice, grandmother and kittens. But the love of the small dog is absolute and unconditional.

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