What soup should do to deserve its own date in the world calendar of the celebratory events? Well, to be legendary, at least!

The one we’re going to talk about is just like that – legendary and having the honor of being praised once in a year. When is National Pepper Pot Day in 2022? Let’s learn together.


The creamy meal is quite old. To be exact, it is about two hundred and forty years old. Areyouimpressed? Well, you’ll be more surprised when you read the story of its invention. Whether it is true or not, it doesn’t matter, as the legend is really remarkable.

Once in the harshest winter of the end of the 18th century, during the well-known American Revolutionary War, the army of Mr. Washington got stuck in the place somewhere in the state of Pennsylvania. In the town, there was no food to fill up the energy of the soldiers and no locals to buy the eatables at, as they’d long gone having sold the eatable supplies to the British who paid more than the poor fighters for independence.

Pepper Pot

Watching the common spirit slowly dying out, Washington ordered the cook to prepare the dish that would enliven both the soul and the body. Rummaging through the leftovers of the food, he got the beef offal, a bit of the meat, the peppercorn, and some spices. Combining them all in the large pot, the cook made the hot spicy soup that the army had managed to live on until the warmer days, including the day of the victory.

Will you guess the nickname of the meal? The dish that won the war! So, it seems like every conscious American should know when is International Pepper Pot Day 2022! Since those times, it became a much-loved stew of the US. It is even sold as the canned food, in case of the new harshest winters.


What does Pepper Pot Day mean? It means showing the due respect to the dish that played its role in the noble struggle of Americans.

Yet, have you ever thought, why we should eat all those soups, broths, pottages? Well, even the primitive humans boiled the bones, joints, and skin of the animals and not because they were of the gourmet kind but because of the obvious lack of food. During the hungriesttimes, anything would make it as a thing to wolf down. Thus how they invented the soups (a bit later after the invention of the hot water and the mighty pot). On the bones, there always were the leftovers of the meat which for the teeth weredifficulttoget. The joints were boiled down well and the taste of them prevailed in the previously plain liquid. Then, the enthusiasts came up with the idea of adding the plants, crops and got to know the decent dish, which is, by the way, rather beneficial for our health.

When we eat the soup, we deceive out stomach. We fill it with the liquid and, meanwhile, the aminoacids and the fats entered the blood so fast that it thinks we’ve just eaten the good piece of the fried pork. The feeling of satiety comes much earlier (again thanks to the amino acids and fats) and without the negative aftermaths for the waist.

Besides, the digestion takes the huge amount of the body’s energy as the food should be ground, soaked in the liquids, mixed, digested, and moved through the gastrointestinal tract. All these actions are much easier to pulloff with the soup than with the solid meal. The first is already ground and boasts liters of water. This one is a light dish that lets the stomach rest. That’s why the ill and injured people are kept on the soups and broths.

Regardless of what day Pepper Pot Day in 2022 falls on, don’t underestimate the power of the daily plate of the soup!


The pepper pot is a stew made of the tripe, some veggies, and, of course, the pepper. What are the health advantages the ingredients bring to us?

First – the pepper – came to us from India. It is considered to be a perfect add-on to all kinds of the stews, side dishes, sauces, and marinades. The positive qualities of this spice are well-studied and even used in the medicine. The point is that the plant is able to ease the sharp inflammations and eradicate the viruses of the airways. On top of that, it is the good source of the vitamin and various minerals. The manganese forms our bones and helps the organism to fight the infections together with regulating the cholesterol accumulations and normalizing the level of insulin. The iron and vitamin K strengthen the bone tissue and are responsible for the assimilation of the calcium.

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The pepper is perfect for the meat dishes because of its feature to activate the functioning of the bowelstaking the wastes and toxins out of the organism. Being the antimicrobial mean, it can destroy the lions’ share of the parasite nesting in the intestines. Another prominent thing is that the pepper breaks down the fats. Yet nevertheless, don’t consume it in the uncontrollable amounts as it still has some negative sides. It irritates the stomach, that’s why it’s highly recommended to eat it with the fatty foods and a little at a time.

What about the tripe? Despite the possible wrinkling of your nose in disgust, it’s the part of the pepper pot that makes it so tasty and life-giving! Lots of people think that the offal is the inner parts of the animal such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, and heart but the range of them is wider. There are two categories of the tripe – the first one, which is the tastiest, we’ve just mentioned, and the second one includes brains, tongue, udder, ears, stomachs, legs, and tails.

In fact, it’s quite unfair that the offal is considered less valuable food thanthe meat itself. The calorie content in those is lower yet the dose of the vitamins and minerals is higher! The tripe is good for making the sausages, meat jelly, aspic, smoked and tinned foods, side dishes, and pastes, and, of course, the filling for the pies.

Pepper Pot and homemade bread

But the tripe should be prepared properly. The vitamins might be destroyed easily so the fresh products are better stored in the freezer if you are not about to cook them. While cooking, don’t fry or boil them for too many hours as the valuable and nutritious elements would be gone. Yet the half-raw tripe is not okay, too, as you can catch some nasty diseases!

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What is the date of Pepper Pot Day 2022? It’s celebrated on the day when it was invented – December 29.


There is no better way to observe the holiday than making the true pepper pot on the cold December day. For that, you’ll need one tail of the bull, one kilo of the pork, the peppercorn to your taste, the can of the white beans, onion, sweet pepper, and lots of your favorite spices. Pour the tad of the vegetable oil in the huge pot (you’re going to treat the whole family, aren’t you?). Cut the meat into pieces and fry it in the pan. Addthecoldwater, salt, onion, peppers, andbean. Stew the mixture on the slow heat for no less than four hours until the meat is soft. Add the hot pepper and go on boiling the soup for fifteen more minutes. Put down the heat and leave the stew closed.

Invite all of the near and dear ones and revel in the hot pepper pot together!

National Pepper Pot Day Facts

  • The dish is especially honored in the southern states of the country.
  • There is a sort of the meal that came from the Caribbean islands, called exactly like that, yet it doesn’t use the offal.

Carve a space in the calendar, when is Pepper Pot Day in 2022, and pay tribute to the stew that made America great.


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