Watered Monday

Watered Monday traditionally celebrated at the beginning of the first week after Easter. This day had a special meaning for our ancestors, even before the advent of Christianity, because it symbolizes spiritual purification.

Even in ancient times, the Slavs had many rites associated with water. Dousing was considered not only a physical cleansing, but also a spiritual one. Ancient ancestors thought that it acquires healing properties on the Monday after Easter. The tradition of dousing each other has remained to this day.

Rituals of spiritual cleansing with water are characteristic not only of Slavs, but also of other peoples of Europe. Serbs, for example, poured water over their houses to ward off evil spirits.

Customs and ceremonies

  • Exchange Easter eggs. IN Watered Monday close friends or relatives come to visit each other and give their Easter eggs.
  • Pouring water on each other. The custom is widespread mainly among young people.
  • Pouring expensive things and pets. The tradition of cleansing with water also extended to valuables and livestock.
  • Giving gifts from godparents to the baptized and vice versa.

Watered Monday is a holiday of joy and rest, freedom from requests, so on this day you should not burden yourself with hard work.

Watered Monday
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