World Semicolon Day

A very important holiday is celebrated every year on April 16 – World Semicolon Day (World Semicolon Day). The event was started by Amy Blewell in 2016. Her father committed suicide, so Amy decided to create the Semicolon project in 2013 to help people prevent suicide in difficult life situations. It’s sad, but Breuel herself also committed suicide soon (2017).

World Semicolon Day aims to inform humanity about the problem of suicide, increase education in mental health issues, provide help to people who have survived a suicide attempt to those who are in despair.

Semicolon ; symbolizes an unfinished life: you need to live on, because this is not the end yet. On April 16, people share their own stories of difficult periods of life and get a semicolon tattoo.

World Semicolon Day
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