World Crafts Day

June 10 is celebrated every year World Crafts Day. On this day in 1964, the first international conference was held in New York, attended by government officials, teachers, artists and artisans from 40 countries.

World Crafts Council

It was approved the decision to create the World Crafts Council, which would take care of the following tasks:

  • preservation and improvement of the craft;
  • encouragement and assistance to handicraftsmen;
  • improvement of working conditions;
  • expansion of the product sales market;
  • increasing professional knowledge, skills and awareness of cultural traditions of the member countries of the craft council;
  • promoting solidarity among masters of the world.

What is Craft and its impact on culture

Craft refers to a small-scale production activity, each process of which is carried out with the help of manual labor and ordinary improvised tools. Depending on the culture, traditions, religion and economic situation, each region has its own types of crafts.

Knowledge exchange leads to cultural connection between regions and improved relations between them.

World Crafts Day
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