International E-Book Reading Day

In 2014, the OverDrive company proposed to announce September 18 International day of reading electronic books. Since then, this holiday has been celebrated in most countries of the world, because this format has many advantages:

  • saving money and time;
  • the ability to store thousands of volumes in one electronic device;
  • accessibility;
  • the possibility of connecting a dictionary for translating texts.

Environmentalists also emphasize saving paper, for which hectares of forest are cut down.

Despite these obvious advantages, there are still many supporters of paper publications. After all, turning the pages of a “living” book carries a kind of mystery and makes the reading process itself a special ritual.

Therefore, manufacturers of electronic publications have developed a technology that allows you to reproduce paper pages of a book on a monitor screen. It is interesting that the first attempts at such an imitation were made by the developers of the Xerox company in the 70s of the last century.

International E-Book Reading Day
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