International day of podiatry

International Podiatry Day is celebrated on October 8. This day was chosen by the International Federation of Podiatrists. The date was introduced to make people pay attention to how important it is to keep feet and legs healthy in general. After all, the functionality of the whole body depends on it.

Podiatry is a science that deals with the health of the feet. There are many reasons why they may suffer. With the development and spread of the culture of big cities, prerequisites for foot diseases appear – a sedentary lifestyle, walking only on flat surfaces, uncomfortable shoes, etc.

  • According to statistics, problems of the musculoskeletal system – scoliosis, inflammation of the joints, osteochondrosis – most often begin with problems with the feet.

Teenagers are especially often faced with this. They spend a lot of time sitting at school and at the computer, so they don’t move much. On the other hand, it is easier to treat deviations in childhood because the foot has not yet grown.

Podiatrists also work with elderly people, who often develop arthritis and arthrosis in the area of ​​the foot. Athletes who train a lot are also prone to diseases of this leg area.

International day of podiatry


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