Day of the city of Kakhovka

The city of Kakhovka every year on the second Saturday of September celebrates its own birthday. Kakhovka is a district center in the Kherson region. The city was officially founded in 1791. Kakhovka was founded by Dmytro Kulikovsky and named after the famous military brothers Vasyl and Mykola Kakhovsky. However, the Islam-Kermen fortress stood here long before that – in 1492, it was built by the Crimean Khan Mengli-Geray. The fortress was repeatedly attacked by the Ukrainian Zaporozhians and was finally destroyed in 1695 by Ivan Mazepa.

Initially, Kakhovka was listed as a settlement in the documents, but thanks to its favorable geographical position at the crossroads of trade routes, it quickly turned into a fair town. By the end of the XIX century. industrial production developed in the city. Agricultural machinery factories, a sawmill, a brewery and a vodka factory appeared. During its existence, the city was part of various regions. For example, since 1932, Kakhovka belonged to the Odesa region, and since 1937 – to the Mykolaiv region. Only in 1944, the city was transferred to the newly created Kherson region.

Today, Kakhovka is one of the industrial centers of the Kherson region. Chumak CJSC, one of the leaders in the food industry, is located in Kakhovka. The city is also a leader in foreign investment per capita.

Day of the city of Kakhovka


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