International Day of Industrial Design

International Day of Industrial Design celebrated around the world on June 29. It was on June 29, 1957 that the International Design Organization (WDO) was founded, which was interested in the protection of industrial design and the dissemination of knowledge in this field. After the appearance of the WDO, a professional holiday was introduced for designers around the world.

What is Industrial Design?

Industrial design related to designing. Everything that we now use in everyday life was developed by the designers of the past. So, the profession of an industrial designer is to make people’s lives easier, more comfortable and safer.

A type of industrial design

The most important thing is industrial design – multi-functionality of items created for mass production. These can be household items, transport, interior items. Industrial design can be different. Group “A” includes projects for the development of vehicles, group “B” includes items that can be useful in everyday life.

Examples of works of industrial design

  • Tonometer
  • Laptop
  • Blender
  • Sofa-transformer
  • Ball pen etc

International Day of Industrial Design
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