Biological clock day (Circadian rhythm)

Biological clock day celebrated on April 28. The tradition of celebrating this holiday comes from the USA. The history of the establishment is unknown, but the day has great value in forcing people to listen to their bodies.

Circadian rhythm (biological clock) are daily phases of activity that repeat. It is needed to regulate sleep, wakefulness, eating behavior, hormone levels, and other processes. The regulation of the circadian rhythm is influenced by the concentration of hormones at different times of the day and genetic mechanisms.

The reasons for failure in biological rhythms can be different: working at night or during the day, a sudden change in time zones, lack of sleep, a disorder in the food schedule.

Violation of the daily rhythm interferes with a full life, causes insomnia, problems with well-being, and can lead to depression. The failure should be corrected by a neurologist, who will select treatment methods.

Biological clock day (Circadian rhythm)
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