International Children’s Day

January 21 is celebrated International Children’s Day, or Playdate Day – a day when millions of children put down their gadgets and go outside to play with their friends, actively spend time and acquire necessary life skills. Today’s modern technologies “suck” children, they get carried away easily, lose track of time, forget that games and entertainment with friends are an important part of childhood.

The idea of ​​founding the holiday belongs to Ilona Viluma, mother and CEO of GIGI Bloks. As a mother, Ilona was always worried about the fact that children spend too much time in front of monitors, playing with tablets and phones, and not with each other. She came up with this holiday as a way to get parents to plan their time better and children to play with each other and learn to interact. Ilona Viluma had no idea that such an obvious and healthy idea would turn into an international celebration. This day is celebrated by giving up gadgets, children’s games and fun in the fresh air.

So give the child a holiday – play with it or help create conditions for playing. Let there be a holiday in childhood every day!

International Children's Day
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