When is International Human Rights Day in 2022? Can you answer this question immediately and without any hesitations? As a rule, most part of contemporary people answer negatively, so your โ€œnoโ€ sounds rather predictable for us. However, we find this holiday to be an important one, so today we are going to investigate it in details. Would you like to join? We are starting.


Talking about the matter what day Human Rights Day in 2022 is, we can’t but mention the historical background of the event. As a rule, this direction is considered to be the most demanded ones among our followers. The readers are especially glad to know why the definite holiday was established, what its main aim was, and who the establishers were.

The date of this holiday celebration was chosen not occasionally. The representatives UN General Assembly chose the date of December 10th in order to honor the adoption and proclamation of a particular document. The paper itself was signed a long time ago. To be more exact it happened on December 10, 1948. The document was officially called UDHR or The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Following to it, the rights and freedoms of every person are thought to equal. In accordance with their points of view, they shouldn’t depend on skin color, speaking language, gender, religion, politics or any other beliefs, origin (both social or national), estate or other statuses.

The corresponding document was adopted almost immediately after the ending of World War II. Following the establishers’ point of view, it corrected all possible rights. The most essential ones were represented the right to life of millions. Actually it became the first world document that formulated the corresponding freedoms provisions. The corresponding paper includes a whole range of political, social, civil, cultural and economic freedoms.

By the way we can’t but mention that this document has been translated more often than any other document on the planet. Up to the present moment the text exists in more than 500 languages. This fact indicates the universal nature and extent of the Paper. On its basis, the current development of other international agreements is carried out.


What does Human Rights Day mean? To tell you the truth, we are not sure that we canโ€™t this question instead of you. Why? โ€“ You see, we have to know you personally to predict your attitude to this event.

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Following the position of the Human Right Declaration every person has the exceptional right to life, security and liberty. It sounds pretty well, however, in practice it works not regularly and not everywhere. For example, in 2017, about 7000 men and women were killed in the armed conflict in Afghanistan, and almost half of them were civilians killed by rebels. Unfortunately, it is not everything, following the specialists’ points of view, hundreds of civilians lost their lives during the suicide attacks of armed groups.

In accordance with official reports, in Brazil in 2007, the local police officers killed at least 1,260 people. This figure is considered to be the highest figure to date. These cases were officially called “acts of resistance” and practically no investigation was carried out on them.

Following the statistics, in the African country of Uganda there is a real tragedy. A lot of local people (both adults and children) die every week in refugee camps. By data of the World Health Organization, a total of 500,000 people lost their lives in these camps.

We can’t but mention the politics of the Vietnamese authorities, who managed to arrange forcibly at least 75,000 prostitutes and drug addicts in 71 crowded โ€œrehabilitationโ€ camps, claiming them as those, who are at risk of AIDS. By the way no one of them is being given any treatment.

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Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of Human Rights Day in 2022?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention the importance of this direction.

According to estimates by the US Department of State, from 620,000 and up to 840,000 people (men, women, as well as children) are usually trafficked and taken out of their home country every year, with half of them minors. In almost all corners of the planet, including Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, the deportation and prosecution of such people are routine measures taken by the state, and there are no authorities to turn to for help.

The matters like this one are considered to be rather important in the modern world. It should be taken into account in all corners of the planet without any exceptions.



When is Human Rights Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. As a rule, there are no troubles with memorizing this special occasion. The holiday has a fixed date of its celebration, which means that it is held on December 10th regularly.

In the last decade, this event is held regularly every year. It is kept under a certain slogan. The most typical ones demand human dignity and justice for every person on planet, asking for non-discrimination and reminding to eradicate discrimination. As a rule, the representatives of many public organizations talk to honor the corresponding freedoms, voting matters and struggles.

All around the planet it is possible to take part in many events. A lot of educational organizations hold various official and unofficial events aimed at educating the population on human rights themes, issues and matters. They want to do everything possible to protect them. The specialists try to explain the public the essence of law and the various activities of legal institutions, etc.

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Moreover, today we can’t but mention that every 5 years on this day there is a ceremony for the special prize awarding. Initially it was started in 1966, when the establishers were going to reward those men and women who made a significant contribution to the human rights promotion and protection. The very first award was given in 1968.

Human Rights Day Facts

Investigating the matter โ€œWhat is the date of Human Rights Day in 2022?โ€ in details we found a lot of amazing pieces of information. Today we are going to share some of them with you.

Up to the present moment, human rights exist, following the definition, given by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as a significant number of international human freedom laws. They are recognized (unfortunately, sometimes only formally) by most states and formed the basis of the constitutions of many countries. But the reality of today’s world is far from the ideals reflected in the Universal Declaration.

For some, the full fulfillment of the corresponding freedoms is a distant and unattainable goal. It isn’t easy to enforce even the corresponding international freedom laws, and it can take years and a huge amount of money to process a complaint.

These international laws have a limiting function, but only they are not enough to ensure adequate protection of human rights, as evidenced by the harsh reality of violations committed daily.

All over the world, discrimination has reached terrifying proportions. Thousands of people ended up in prisons for expressing their beliefs. Politically motivated torture and imprisonment, often without trial, are ubiquitous, with the tacit consent of even some democratic countries.


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