Hot Dog Day

Every year on the third Wednesday of July, the USA celebrates a national holiday – Hot Dog Day. In 2022, the date of the celebration falls on July 20. The event was started by the United States Chamber of Commerce in 1957.

What is a hot dog?

Hot Dog is an American dish, which is a sausage, placed in an oblong bun and dressed with ketchup and mustard. The exact circumstances of the origin of the hot dog do not exist, but the idea of ​​combining a sausage and a bun most likely belongs not to the Americans, but to the Germans. It is believed that such a dish was brought to the USA only in 1871, while in Germany it existed long before that – from 1487. Americans quickly fell in love with hot dogs and immediately began mass production. In 1994, the National Hot Dog Council was even formed.

How fun and tasty is Hot Dog Day?

Before the holiday, residents of all states participate in costume parades, fundraisers, games, eating contests, concerts, etc.

Interesting facts about Hot Dog

  • The average American consumes 60 hot dogs a year; about 150 million are eaten on Independence Day in the USA.
  • The record for eating this dish is 69 pieces in 10 minutes, it belongs to Joey Chesnutt.
  • Children are not allowed to add ketchup.
  • Hot dog is the first food on the moon.
  • The most expensive copy cost more than 2 thousand dollars.

Hot Dog Day
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