Guinness World Records Day

Guinness World Records Day is celebrated every year on the third Thursday of November. The holiday was launched in 2005, the date was chosen in honor of the day when the Guinness Book of Records won the title of the best-selling copyright book.

The idea for the Book of Records concept belongs to Hugh Beaver, who was the director of a brewery in Ireland and often heard arguments about various records and questions from his visitors. Therefore, in 1951, Beaver decided that the answers to various questions could be recorded in a special book. By the way, the name of the Book is taken from the name of the brewery (Arthur Guinness Son&Co).

The first Guinness Book of Records was published on August 27, 1955 and consisted of 198 pages. By Christmas, the book became an absolute bestseller in Great Britain.

Interesting Facts

  • The book of records was invented by Sir Hugh Beaver, industrialist of the Guinness breweries, who was also a hunter. He argued with his friends about the speed of game birds, and could not find an answer to his question in any reference book. This is how the idea arose to create a book to collect encyclopedic and interesting facts.
  • The first Guinness Book was published on August 27, 1955. The publication had 198 pages and became a real bestseller in Great Britain. The book contains the most serious and thoroughly verified facts and achievements of that time.
  • Out of 60,000 requests for the annual edition of the Guinness Book, only 4,000 can get in. The record must be proven (have reasonable support), it can be broken by other people, and the achievement cannot be an ordinary thing that everyone is capable of.
  • The Guinness Book of Records has been republished in 37 languages. The publication won a place on its own pages. Record – the book is the most popular publication protected by copyright, with a circulation of more than 80 million copies in more than 100 countries of the world.
  • Guinness World Record winners are not paid anything for their achievements. No fee is also charged to those people who wish to set a record. To get to the pages of the legendary edition, you need to set achievements, apply and follow the rules.

Guinness World Records Day
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