Greenpeace’s birthday

On September 15, Greenpeace celebrates the anniversary of its founding – Greenpeace’s birthday – the most famous environmental and nature protection organization in the world, which is not related to governments and authorities.

The event that became the first brick for the creation of the organization took place in 1971. Then a small group of enthusiasts set sail from Vancouver with the goal of making the world a better place. This decision was the first action of Greenpeace. The ardent activists organized the Don’t Make a Wave committee and boarded a boat called the Phyllis Cormack, which was later renamed GreenPeace, and set off for Amchitka to peacefully protest the nuclear tests. Participants of the first action and founders of the organization were J. Bolen, P. Kot and I. Stow. Thanks to their peaceful protest, the US government stopped nuclear testing near Amchitka.

  • GreenPeace is an independent organization that uses creative, non-aggressive and non-violent methods to draw the attention of the planet’s inhabitants to environmental problems and make them care about a green future. It exists and conducts its actions only thanks to the contributions and donations of like-minded people and fundamentally does not accept financial assistance from government departments, business structures, political platforms. Now “Green World” has almost 3 million supporters all over the planet.

Greenpeace's birthday
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