World Thrombosis Day

World Thrombosis Day is celebrated on October 13. Its purpose is to draw attention to the danger of thrombosis, to encourage people to visit doctors and not to engage in self-medication.

Thrombosis is a pathological coagulation of blood in the vessels. Blood clots interfere with the normal flow of blood through veins and arteries. This leads to serious consequences – from severe pain to death due to the interruption of blood supply to vital organs.

Free examinations and consultations will be organized on this day. Activists distribute leaflets with information about the disease, its symptoms and possible treatment. Prevention of thrombosis is very simple – lead a healthy lifestyle, move a lot, eat healthy food. People prone to the formation of blood clots are recommended to drink aspirin according to the scheme and wear compression underwear during air travel.

Ukraine joined the World Thrombosis Day only in 2017.

World Thrombosis Day
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