Cable car day

January 17 is celebrated International Cable Car Day, which was dedicated to the issuance of the first patent for this invention in 1871. The founder of the project was an American of British origin, Andrew Smith Holliday, the chief engineer was William Eppelschmeimer, and the patent for the design was issued by Abner Doubleday.

It took them 2 years to build the wagons, which were attached to the improved strong miner’s ropes with a special mechanism. It was like a mix between a tram and a funicular. The first passengers in the world on the cable car, which was called the Clay Street Hill Railroad, were residents of San Francisco. They were able to use the service on September 1, 1873.

Cable cars are also air routes that are used as public transport. But in many places they become a business card and a popular tourist attraction.

For example, the world’s longest cable car “Khon Thom” has almost 7900 m and is located in Vietnam. It connects two islands – Phu Quoc and Hon Thom. The cabins offer incredible scenery, as most of the route passes over the South China Sea and among the mountains. This is a very popular tourist route.

Cable car day


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