Birthday of the vacuum cleaner

Birthday of the vacuum cleaner falls on June 8.

The history of the creation of a vacuum cleaner

This useful device was first created on June 8, 1869. Its author was the American Ives McGaffney, who took four years to implement his invention. The first model was named “Whirlwind”, but due to its large size and inconvenience, housewives were in no hurry to use the vacuum cleaner.

A few years later, a new, more compact device appeared. However, the real popularity came to vacuum cleaner in the 20th century, when electric models began to be produced. Representatives of the middle class willingly used electrical appliances that helped maintain order in the home.

How to spend this day with benefit?

To celebrate this holiday, a great idea is to organize a cleanup in which all family members, even the youngest, are involved. This can become a useful tradition and will allow you to keep the room clean.

Birthday of the vacuum cleaner


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