World Snake Day

Every year on July 16, an important environmental event is celebrated – World Snake Day.

The purpose of World Snake Day

Today, about three and a half thousand varieties of snakes are known. 11 species currently live in Ukraine. These predators are necessary for the balance of ecosystems, because they regulate the population of small mammals, insects and amphibians.

World Snake Day aims to draw humanity’s attention to these reptiles, to raise awareness about the important role of snakes for our planet.

Interesting facts about snakes

  • The largest non-poisonous snake is the anaconda, the poisonous one is the king cobra (it is also the most intelligent).
  • The smallest snake on the planet can fit on a coin, scientists named it Leptotyphlops carlae.
  • The rainbow python is considered the most beautiful snake because the sun creates a rainbow on it.

World Snake Day
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