A day of change for the better

Every year on the fourth Saturday of October, the Day of Changes for the Better is celebrated. National Make A Difference Day is dedicated to enabling people to work together to change the world, help others and make life better. This event was started in 1992 by USA Weekend magazine, joined by Points of Light. For more than 20 years, organizations have been involved in sponsoring the national holiday. Recently, the celebration was transferred to USA Today, which is now the main sponsor and organizer of the mission. As part of the festive event, which unites millions of people and thousands of companies, the following events take place:

  • assistance to victims of fires, natural disasters, hurricanes;
  • conducting auctions for local food banks;
  • fundraising for shelters for the homeless and victims of domestic violence;
  • volunteer activities to provide assistance to the starving population;
  • donating blood in free clinics, etc.

In the USA, public organizations, educational institutions and the population are involved in the holiday. Yes, Grand Cane Central School (LA) is setting up picnic tables. The Kiwanis Club organizes themed projects every year. The Washington College TRIO Club supports the local ECEAP program and offers clothing and shoes for children ages 3-5.

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