1. According to UNESCO, in Estonia the highest literacy rate in the world of the adult population, which is 99.8%. A higher rate was recorded only in Latvia and North Korea ๐Ÿ™„. Statistics include all people older than 15 years of age.
  2. Estonian state the flag has blue, black and white colors, symbolizing the sky, the earth and the desire of Estonians for a bright future. At first, representatives of the Estonian student society adopted the flag as their own attribute in 1884. And after the declaration of the country’s independence in 1918, the flag became national.
  3. The inhabitants of the country invented own sport – kayaking, which translated from English means “one who sways”. Sports competitions consist of swinging on very high swings with the ability to make 360-degree turns. The first structure of the swing was developed in 1993 by Ado Kosk from the city of Pรคrnu.
  4. Estonians consume the largest amount of beer in the world โ€“ 104 liters per person per year. Recently, a beer revolution has taken place in the country, and manufacturers have introduced a new craft drink to the market. Currently, 2,000 varieties of various beers are produced here.
  5. Estonia is a country with very low population density. According to this indicator, it ranks 188th among the countries of the world. Less than 30 people per 1 square meter live on the territory. km
  6. The territory of Estonia is covered by a large number of forests – 52%. The country is considered the most “green” state in Europe. More than 46% of forest areas are in state ownership, fellings are subject to strict control. Reforestation is mandatory and prescribed in the country’s legislation.
  7. The territory of the country is flat, the highest peak above sea level reaches a height of only 318 m, while it is the highest in the Baltics. The country is home to the village of Kaali on the island of Saaremaa, which, according to one measurement, is the center of Europe. This island was hit by a large meteorite 3470-3545 years ago, which formed the Kaali crater.
  8. The oldest public sauna in Tallinn was opened in 1310 on Nunne Street. The facility was named Stockeri saun. Estonians saunas are considered a source of health and hygiene. Residents of the country spend time in them from early childhood to old age. The annual European Bathing Marathon is held in the Estonian city of Otepรครค.
  9. In Estonia there is the oldest wooden building – Church of St. Magdalena in Rukhna. Its construction began on November 22, 1643. The oldest part of the structure is the choir room with a polygonal spire and the single-span church building.
  10. There are many more women than men in Estonia. There are only 84 men for every 100 female residents. It takes place in the country interesting women’s wearing championshipat which Estonian couples won the world championship for 11 years in a row – from 1998 to 2008.
Own sport – kayaking
Estonia in 4K

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