Get the incredible impressions and improbable music experience at the heart of United Kingdom! Today you may enjoy your favorite concerts at the center of London! The capital of Great Britain opens its arms for every music fans with a great pleasure. And if you stay there when the British Summer Time 2022 will be started, just come out your house and take the fun with hundreds of citizens and tourists.

Barclaycard company presents the very first live music gathering at the greatest historical place of the British capital. The concerts of different genres from metal and hard rock to hip-hop and R&B thunder on The Great Oak, Summer, and Unknown stages, and at the Open-air Theatre over two weekends every year. Celebrities and young unknown artists present their albums for you during the week.

Indian British Summertime

Take your fabulous emotions thanks live concert of your favorite artist and find the new preferences! Forget mere weekdays problems and the scorching heat when the day of starting BST in Hyde Park comes on!

The dates

So, you ask what day is British Summer Time 2022 will be opened? This year s summer performances will start on Saturday, 30th of June and will be continued till Sunday, 9th of July. The final everyday music shows on Great Oak Stage will be named as the headline acts of each festival day.

Here we are able to show people a short list of headliners and some participants which you will be glad to see when British Summer Time event 2022 will begin, but the calendar with daily schedules of the line-up will be presented a little closer to the date.

On Friday, British solo singer and songwriter Phil Collins, who presents you his lyric and drums compositions, will open the festival with Blondie. Raise your hands up and refresh your memories about pioneers of punk-rock music from 80 s, who stood on the same stage with legendary Sex Pistols! There is no doubt, that the United Kingdom is the motherland of punk culture!

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The next day, an American punk-rock band, amazing Green Day consists of Billie Armstrong (vocal and solo guitar), Tre Cool (drums) and Mike Dirnt (bass guitar) will wake up their fans when the June ends. They have become the members of Rock&Roll Hall of Fame with new album “Revolution Radio”, which was released at 2016.

Next, enjoy the light music style of Justin Bieber, move your bodies and dance all night long with the hot news of modern pop-music!

After them, The Pixies will ask you, where is your mind and will join to headliners Kings of Leon. Come around sundown with the brothers’ rock band from Nashville!

Saturday evening your hearts will be occupied by The Killers and you will not sleep that night because of indie-rock boys from Las Vegas. Somebody told me, that this band is the most expected high spot of the summer.

Only this year you may come to the edge of seventeen again with forever young light witch Stevie Nicks. The brilliant voice of the bohemian woman will take you back to your 70 s years of sun and flowers.

Tom Petty, singer and guitar player from Florida, and his band Heartbreakers close this year event. They will teach you to fly with The Lumineers, folk-rock band consisting of two members from Colorado.

Indian British Summertime 2017

Not only legendary persons performances will turn your imagination on. Not so widespread, but also talented old school artists and fresh blood of modern music wish you the great happiness this summer. You will never cry because of the mad world with Tears For Fears and shake your heads with kings of rhythm Gogol Bordello.

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On Monday, third of July British Summer Time Open House in the park begins its function. Free entry and activities will be available from 12 am. Starting Tuesday BST Open House waits for you from 9 am to 22 pm to propose you a nice rest with various sports games, DJs music, films, comedies and popular street food.


We look forward to the upcoming music events but do not forget, that it is a standing event. That s why, if you have a question, what day is British Summer Time 2022 starting, look at the daily schedules and buy your tickets ahead! After entry, you will have no readmission to the festival.

Be careful, remember, that seats, food, and drink are not permitted during the festival in the Royal Park. You may take only one plastic bottle of water up to 500 ml and food for your children in containers.

For adults, various cafes, bistros, street food, markets, and other food stalls will open its doors when the day of the beginning of the British Summer Time 2022 will come.

British Summertime 2017

Here, you may not only listen to favorite music and songs. The Park and its sponsors propose other activities with a great pleasure. Come in and enjoy the popular live DJs music sets, take positive with amusing comedy shows. Warm summer nights you can spend open-air with free films only during the British Summer Time. If you prefer active rest, set your eyes on different sports activities.

Inter alia, during the festival days you may join the company of Barclaycard, the main and the greatest partners of the summer weekends. Timings of functions of the box offices on the territory of BST Royal Park will be available soon.


  • Location

A music festival is one of the oldest traditions in Royal Hyde Park, London. Imagine, in XVI century that scenic area satisfied the royal passion for hunting and trees shuddered because of sound kings hunting horn. But over the years only your elation and applause thunder across.

When British Summer Time is starting in 2022, you can find there many other pleasures except live music. Hyde Park invites to visit a Speakers Corner to take part in different debates, inspect the famous sights or go to the self-guided walk. But do not hope to enjoy the diverse variety of fauna and flora, because this place becomes a habitat of hubbub during the BST.

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British Summertime

  • Open-house

It is free of charge event during all the festival time. It had a great success last years, that s why the Royal Park opens its doors – even if somebody has no ticket. Everyone looks forward when the British Summer Time 2022 Open House returns.

Traditionally, anyone may come in to take part in different activities every single day from weekend to weekend. This year it will offer you starting Monday, the third of July. Here you may enjoy free comedies and open-air movie nights, join the free tennis, ping-pong and badminton competitions, listen to a Live Music from the best DJs, and taste favorite street food with a new flavor from a market.

BST Open House hopes to bright up your weekdays!


In the year of 2013, the Barclaycard has got the permission to organize the events in Royal London s Park. It was the very first music festival at the heart of London, that’s why BST has invited many of the British legendary persons and bands for its opening. That year we were happy to see The Rolling Stones (even twice!). Ray Davies, JLS and Bon Jovi will be there for us. The Beach Boys are giving us some good vibrations and Jennifer Lopez will get loud on a Great Oak Stage. Young artists occupied Outdoor Theatre, Summer, and Unknown stages.

Today your tiring trip in Glastonbury is not necessary, because you may touch the sky with a wonderful live music here, in the Royal Park, when the date of British Summer Time 2022 will come!


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