Can you answer the question “When is Receptionist Day in 2022?” immediately? Unfortunately, as a rule, the reply to it will be negative despite the fact that this profession is considered to be very old.

It is difficult to believe now but, for example, the reputable receptionists or secretaries often influenced the adoption of important political decisions in ancient Rome and Greece. They have always occupied a special position in the most powerful royal houses of Europe. And historically Napoleon claimed that it was his secretary, who had helped him in many successes on the political and military arenas.

So, we can understand that this work is rather difficult indeed. According to the specialists’ point of view, in the modern business society you can meet a good secretary not much more often than a perfect engineer, an honored doctor or a devoted teacher. Therefore, it is important not to forget the answer to the question “What is the date of Receptionists Day 2022?” – Fortunately, this professional holiday falls on the blossoming of spring.

Receptionists Day 2017

Nowadays it is even impossible to imagine any reputable company or office without an experienced, professional receptionist, who is often called the “right hand” of the director.

The history of a holiday

Before telling you what day Receptionists Appreciation Day 2022 is, we would like to tell you some words about the historical background of the holiday. For the first time this day was celebrated in the United States in 1952. The special organization called the National Secretaries Association created this holiday to evaluate the receptionists’ contribution and efforts, as well as to promote the popularization of secretarial and administrative positions.

As a result it was invented a new holiday, which is now celebrated on Wednesday, which is the last full April week and has a double name. Usually it is called the Receptionists Day, but some people choose the more difficult or even sophisticated name – the Day of the Professional Administrative Staff. In their turn these 7 days themselves are called Week of professional administrative staff.

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But it is interesting to mention that initially the festival was celebrated in the beginning June. How was the celebration of this professional date moved to April? It was just moved in three years, and then 26 years after that it was made a decision to turn it into a Week / Day of Professional Secretarial Staff.

At the beginning of the third millennium the so-called office seven-day period, and, accordingly, the April Wednesday was given a special name – the Week / Day of professional administrative staff to which we are able to celebrate today. But the companies of the office workers call them even easier: The day of office workers. As it follows, the receptionists are not the only ones who celebrate their professional holiday this day. Sincere congratulations as well as pleasant gifts can be also given to office managers, assistant managers, clerks, assistants etc.

That is why we should understand that the answer to the question “When is National Receptionists Day 2022?” has a wider meaning than it may seem at the first sight. It is on May 13th.

Who celebrates this holiday?

Today the holiday is still actively celebrated in the US. As it was mentioned above it is held on Wednesday during the last full April week. This day is considered to be the professional holiday of various secretaries, office managers and head assistants in many other countries of the world. We would like to note that usually the date of this celebration coincides with the American one.

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But, of course, there are some exceptions. – For example, in Australia the Receptionists’ Day is held on the first Friday of May, in New Zealand – on the last Wednesday of April, in Pakistan – on the third Wednesday of April, in Papua – New Guinea – on the fourth Friday of April, in South Africa and Zimbabwe – on the first Wednesday in September.

The secretary occupation and the main features of this profession

This occupation, which requires stress resistance, care and a constant wide smile, is more often chosen by women not by men. According to the contemporary statistics data, this profession is considered to be rather popular in the modern society. And it’s true that in fact the receptionist is the first important person after the head of any office organization. Depending on the peculiar features of the profession, the administrative worker, who is performing various boss orders, should contact with other employees. As a rule other workers usually try to make friends with the receptionist as this friendship could be rather important and convenient.

Receptionists Day

Unfortunately the receptionist carries out various activities often for very modest wages. As a rule the fee size is influenced by professional competence, company status and, of course, the personal politics of the organization head.

The main functions of the contemporary receptionist

The representative of this profession is not only the assistant manager, but a face and a business card of the company. He/she must not only know a lot but remember almost everything, every detail of the firm activity. This person should also be able to communicate with different people, beginning from his/her superiors and ending with capricious customers. At the same time, the receptionist’s looks has to be beautiful and elegant. Why? – The matter is that he/she always draws a lot of attention.

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When is Happy Receptionists Day in 2022, calendar will tell you without any problems. But have you ever thought what this person does exactly? – Among the main functions, we would like to mention the paper work, answering phone calls, creation a schedule of boss business day, as well as the reminding him/she about various events and chatting with visitors.

After reading this list, you could think that this office worker should necessarily have a college degree. But in this case the main role is played by a kind of profession as well as the company level. For example, the secretary at the reception mainly responds to phone calls and makes the necessary recommendations to visitors. For this sphere it is enough to have a pleasant voice without any speech defects. But an administrative assistant has to deal with texts as quickly as possible. He/she will need the basic knowledge of office equipment. It is clear that if you want to get this position you will need to finish at least a computer course before starting to look for a work in this direction.


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