Are you ready to answer the question “When is Windmill Day in 2022?” Unfortunately, a great amount of contemporary people can’t do it. But this holiday is still considered to be rather popular. Of course, not worldwide, but in one definite country on the planet, namely in the Netherlands. It is celebrated during two days: on the second Saturday and Sunday of May. And there local people and numerous tourists know this date for sure. But let’s start from the very beginning.

If you are going to visit Holland for the first time it is recommended to get the answer, what day Windmill Day in 2022 is in advance. Why? – The matter is that you shouldn’t miss the moment, when 950 wind and water mills open their doors to visitors. All in all we can’t but mention that in this region the mill has played an important role in land reclamation, recycling of raw materials and production for centuries. Unfortunately nowadays the mill barely has a great economic importance, but they are considered to be a so-called cult phenomenon for the Netherlands and that is the reason why these constructions are still attracting a lot of attention.

Windmill Day 2017

The story of the ancient mills

Of course, it is impossible to answer the question “When is National Windmill Day 2022?” properly without discussion the historical background of these amazing structures. Frankly speaking, in the Netherlands they haven’t been used for grinding flour. In this region windmill have been considered to be something like arms, which allowed land powers to win the first serious contest over the water forces.

All in all the Holland residents have never waited any favors from nature. Previously, a person was not able to saw the huge logs, to rub into powder the solid mineral rock, necessary for the paint manufacture, and even flour grinding and oil production turned to be a great problem.

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Entrusted these types of work to the mills in the distant 13th century the Dutch got a new level of building houses and ships. Textile industry as well as food production received new opportunities.

For a long period of time the Netherlands were one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. And in the 11th century the region didn’t have enough land for all the local needs. – Every piece was used. It seems that there are no decisions of the situation.

But in the 16th century the Dutchman called Jan Ligvoter found a way to increase the land area. It was done with the help of the wind turbine. By that time, the inhabitants were already able to drain the wetlands using trenches and dams, but they couldn’t cope with deep water, as there had been no any system of powerful pumps.

The inventor elaborated the special method in accordance with which dozens of mills were pumping water from one canal into the other, in the end, taking it behind a dam surrounding the site that had to be dried.  The sizes of this construction seem to be impressive even by today’s standards. And they have brought perfect results: for the last six hundred years the territory of the Netherlands has increased by 10%. You see, when is Windmill Day in 2022, calendar will tell you without any problems and coming here these days you will be able to visit some of the most terrific places in Europe.

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By the way, we can’t but mention that the first multi-storey steam mill was built in 1736. But it happened not in the Netherlands but in England. However, the world highest windmills are the Dutch ones. They are called “North” and “Freedom” and their height is more than 33 meters.

Contemporary mills on the planet

It would seem that, in our rapid age of new technologies there is no place for mills. This statement sounds rather sad, but fortunately it is not true. Many brilliant minds have come to the conclusion that with the help of wind turbines a great amount of electricity energy can be produced. In addition, we can’t but mention that these constructions are rather eco-friendly. Why? – The matter is that windmills do not pollute the environment. By the way this discovery makes the proverb “Everything is new, it really is well forgotten old” true.

All over the planet in the modern technological world there has been found more than 600 thousand different wind turbines. The most amount of them is in Australia. – More than 250 thousand. It sounds really terrific, doesn’t it? They help the locals to pump water from deep wells on sheep pastures.

Windmill Day

In India you can find more than 3% of all wind turbines. And, for example, in Germany and Denmark they produce 15% and 20% correspondingly. Of course, perhaps there people don’t know the answer to the question “What is the date of Windmill Day camp 2022?”, but they used these constructions rather successfully. In this year we celebrate it on May 9th.

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In Japan there have been no any windmills before, but the local specialists have come to the conclusion that these things are the most safe and clean energy sources in the world. And it is interesting to mention that all the windmill costs Japanese have covered by the sale of shares worth 500 thousand yen, involving 218 private investors.

How does the holiday celebrated?

Are you ready to visit some of the most terrific places in your life? – If your answer is yes, welcome to the Windmill Day in Holland. For two days you will be able to enter a great amount of unusual and rather ancient constructions. As a rule, the admission is free, but in some cases you will need to pay some money. But all around the country the payments are not too high. The owners are ready to propose a lot of discounts for everybody.

After visiting the constructions it is recommended to organize a picnic with wine, cheese, fresh-made home bread and, of course, a lot of fruits. As a rule, local people and numerous tourists prefer to stay near rivers, continuing to admire by the amazing look of the windmills. Some of them take a great amount of photos.

In some regions you will be also able to visit some interesting events or even to take an active part in them. People are always glad to organize various concerts or parades. They adore enjoy themselves and always share good mood and positive emotions.


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