In the modern world there are some really unusual holidays. They are so amazing that sometimes we even don’t believe in their existence. Could you believe? – Let’s discover together. For example, if you are asked “When is No Homework Day in 2022?” what will you answer? – At first you will be astonished. – Does this funny day really exist? – Yes, it does! And it is celebrated on May 6 every year without any exceptions. This is a long-awaited day for students. No matter it is! – As it is a high time for postponing the textbooks and notebooks and devoting these happy moments to other deals.

This very day students as well as pupils all over the world can enjoy their favorite hobbies, play and have a good rest. The best way to spend your time is to go out, of course! May is a month, when spring pleases us with good weather and warm sun. Why not to use the period properly, for example, roller-skating or cycling? Some people prefer to make the decorations of dandelions, to launch a bright kite, to jump, to play football and basketball, to watch the nature and to make new friends.

No Homework Day 2017

Is the homework really necessary?

A great amount of contemporary teachers are sure that homework is a necessary part of proper education. That is why they prefer not to accentuate the question, what day No Homework Day in 2022 is. The teachers ask not to forget that after a short period of time the students should independently repeat what they have learned in the classroom, otherwise, they don’t catch any new information.

Now we are taking the average learner who does not have some kind of phenomenal memorial skills. But in contrast to the adult students, who are studying mainly only the subjects of their chosen specialization, a pupil is a person, who studies a variety of disciplines. ย  It simultaneously means that the last one can’t do without homework.

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At the same time the student must demonstrate the ability to use independently the algorithms, which he/she has been demonstrated in the classroom, no matter it is a physical formula, a mathematical equation, a rule of the foreign or a specific method of analysis.

The third thing is that some tasks can only be performed at home. You see it is impossible to read a large book in the classroom, as well as to learn a poem or to write an essay.

The country with the biggest homework

In some parts of the world there is no question “What is the date of No Homework Day 2022?” – Why? – The matter is that the students of these areas are always busy, for example, in South Korea.

Frankly speaking, the Korean students don’t have any childhood. In order to enter a prestigious university they start preparation at the age of about nine years old.

If younger Korean boys and girls can be seen playing in the garden or in the backyard, the older ones disappear off the streets and spend all time at their desks.

In high school, because of the great amount of homework and additional courses, young Koreans sleep not more than four or five hours a day, constantly preparing for exams. And this preparation lasts not several weeks but some years.

Some time ago the authorities tried to fight for the children’s health against exhausting and endless studying. Among the main measures is to prohibit the activity of various training courses in Seoul, started later than at 10 o’clock p.m. But this has led to the fact that the demand for private tutors, working late at night, has increased. And some children have to travel to an additional study outside the capital, where the time limit is not working.

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The eternal holiday without homework

But there are educational institutions in which the question “When is National No Homework Day 2022?” seems to be irrelevant. – You see, after extensive consideration the government of Orchard School (Vermont) agreed to abolish the school homework.

The school administration notes that the homework benefits are not scientifically proven, and at the same time the children, who spend “working day” in school, should take a part of this “work” home. Besides it, a lot of exercises threaten the well-being: usually the whole family is involved into its preparation. Instead of daily lessons students are advised to read every night for dinner with their parents and just to be kids.

At first the measure is considered to be a pilot one, and six months later the Orchard headmaster decided to check the results of the experiment: he sent all parents questionnaires that asked to comment on the new school policy and talk about the changes in the life of the child and his/her family. 254 parents sent their responses and 73% of them supported the homework abolish. They wrote that the children felt better, slept calmer, did read books at night, involved into various hobbies and often went to gyms.

No Homework Day

Why is homework harmful

The main reason of student exhausting is a large amount of homework. Today’s students gets huge load at school. Many children get so tired that they are not able to do the homework on their own at home. In some cases, this leads to the fact that children ignore the teacher’s tasks or do them partially. As a result, the child gets bad marks; he starts not to understand the program.

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In all cases, teachers recognize that homework causes children’s stress and fatigue in the evening.

In the US there is a special rule of ten minutes, developed by the US National Education Association. In accordance with it, in the first form a child should spend not more than ten minutes for homework preparation, 20 – in the second and a maximum of two hours – in the graduation one. By the way, in the Netherlands children haven’t had the homework for a long time. The so-called “school without stress” is recognized by UNICEF as a substantial part of children’s happiness.

Several research papers about worthlessness and sometimes even about the dangers of homework in elementary school have been already written. In 2006 Duke University conducted an analysis of educational research from 1987 to 2003, looking for a relation between student’s achievement and periodically of his/her homework fulfillment. According to the results, for students it makes sense to do the lessons only in high school. In the same study, the researchers noticed that the exercises can lead to fatigue, stress and loss of interest.

The negative sides of the complete homework abolition

According to some experts, a lack of homework may cause the poor results. The children won’t be able to manage their time properly and become unreliable.

Despite this, at the beginning of this year the housework was abolished in primary schools in Massachusetts, Texas, San Francisco, Seattle, Minnesota and Vermont. But the majority is sure that when is International No Homework Day in 2022, calendar can do without any problems (it will be on May 6), but other days children should study at home as well.


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