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When is D-Day 2019

D-Day is vastly important holiday in America that is related to the date of battles in Normandy, which led to the end of World War Two in Europe. American, British and other allies’ forces performed successful landing operations in France and fought massive forces of Nazi Germany.

This operation was planned for more than year due to its importance, as this fight was truly critical point of World War Two. And nowadays people still remember and honor the exploit of allies’ forces. They were able to land their forces, while weather was horrible and made control of ships with following landing nearly impossible.

When is D-Day in 2019? It’s annually settled on the day of operation with the same name, which means that it takes place on the sixth of June. So, this year it will also be on June, 6th.

You can attend to various exhibitions in museums or to commemorative ceremonies at memorials to honor the memory of soldiers that participated in liberation of European lands from the oppression of evil Nazi forces. You can also go to libraries and local book stores, as they often offer related educational services and even quizzes.


D-Day operation

On the sixth June of 1944, after no less than year of detailed planning and extensive preparations, the forces of thirteen allied countries were able to perform an outstanding military operation that changed the course of World War Two. This operation called “Operation Neptune” is the most massive marine invasion in history of mankind.

As a part of preparations, Allies’ Forces deluded Germany into thinking that operation will happen on another day. They also were able to mislead Nazi to a different location of landing. That helped lower the level of resistance during the landing and was one of main parts of operation’s success.

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Still, even with all heroic effort that was put into this, Allies were not really able to achieve anything on the first day. Losses of Allies’ Forces were bigger than German losses and operation went on for month. At least, in the end they were victorious and that is all that matters.

When we talk about what day D-Day in 2019 is, we keep in mind that this day is not just some obligatory holiday that has no real meaning to it. D-Day is no less than a chance to commemorate the reasons why we are free today. We are not slaves of pseudo-superior German race only due to the deeds of World War Two Allies’ Forces.

Why this day is important

Many of you may wonder, why even spend your time commemorating some historical event? Especially, if this event is nothing else than military operation? Let us explain.

War is a terrible thing, a tragedy, the root of pain and sorrow for millions of people. But sometimes you have no choice, but to put up a good fight against injustice and pain that others inflict on the innocent. That is what happened during World War II.

During these horrible times people sacrificed their lives to achieve higher goals, such as peace and safety for their friends, relatives and compatriots. And while some of those sacrifices didn’t pay off, some of them were enough to change the course of history, nothing less.

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One of such breaking points was D-Day, the day of Operation Neptune. During the terrible weather conditions countless lives were sacrificed to land the ships and destroy Nazi forces. And this tragic, but reasonable occurrence must be remembered by every next generation. The exploit of brave forces of Allies and their struggle for freedom – that’s what guaranteed our modern society to be as it is now.

So, the question of when is D-Day 2019 is pretty important due to the importance of remembrance of event itself.

How it is being celebrated

In the United States of America and in some other countries D-Day is an annual observance that has a lot of public activities to it. We already established the reasoning behind the commemoration of Normandy landings, so now let’s take a closer look on observance itself.

There are various exhibitions organized by museums and libraries, where everyone, no matter how young or old, can learn more about World War Two and its events that are related to fights for France. There are also exhibitions settled near military memorials. There, you can not only learn, but also feel the atmosphere of that time.

D-Day aviation

As many other historical holidays, D-Day considered only observance and not a public federal holiday. That doesn’t necessary mean that people ignore this day in any way; that just means that they have no day-off and stores, libraries and other public services, such as gas stations and post, work by usual schedules and do not cause any trouble to busy people.

So, if you ask something like “What is the date of D-Day 2019”, you will probably get correct answer from anyone who lives in the United States of America. So, if you respect fallen soldiers and truly understand reasoning and consequences of their struggle, if you want to spread the word of consideration and wisdom, then you probably need to know the date of the D-Day. Remember, that this vastly important day takes places at sixth of June.

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What social activities are commonly observed on this day, except exhibitions and public readings of historical literature?

Cinemas often show documentaries and movies related to glorious event of French liberation. This kind of education is vastly popular amongst the scholars, but elders and adults consider it as acceptable way to spend their time, too. This is perfect chance for a whole family to become more intelligent and erudite, while also having a good time in familiar atmosphere.

Also, there are mourning ceremonies held in different places, commonly alongside with exhibitions or after them. They are supposed to promote the traditions of honoring national heroes, to develop the feelings of patriotism and self-devotion.

So, one more final time, when is D-Day in 2019 according to calendar? This year, just like any other, this holiday will be observed on June, 6th. So, you can attend to observance and experience it yourself. Good luck!

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