Different nations prefer to mark the importance of their national drinks. Rome, Bloody Mary, beer, Irish Coffee, Whiskey and Coca-Cola and other beverages have dates in the annual calendar. People of different countries make festivals to enjoy themselves and attract visitors. Generally, the day is just an occasion to have an additional cup of drink. You may like alcoholic or non-alcoholic, cold or hot or even frozen, shaken or blended, sour, bitter or sweet. Beverage is a very broad word, so people have a common date to celebrate the occasion. Itโ€™s a day of having pleasure. People usually attend festivals, cafรฉs and have a cup or a glass of favourite beverage. When is Beverage Day in 2024? Itโ€™s set on the 6th of May. The date is strict.

Content of the holiday

Thereโ€™s no need to identify the concrete type of beverage. People can order a glass of drink of any type. Itโ€™s a possibility to have oneโ€™s favourite drink. It may be a Coca-Col, wine or coffee. Thereโ€™s no difference whether to make a favourite drink at home or order it in the bar or cafรฉ.

Beverage Day 2017

Itโ€™s also a matter to have a party, to invite guests and have some cups or glasses of a beverage. Itโ€™s a chance to make or create a new type of drink using several kinds of drinks. The enjoinment of making a new type of beverage can be completed by decorating a glass or making a cake to a drink. People can spend Beverage Day without planning parties but sitting in front of TV with the dearest people, the family members.

Many people even have a day-off from food. They have beverages for the whole day without having meals. This way of celebrating is for strong-minded people who can devote themselves to beverages without food. Itโ€™s a real chance to taste new types of drink, to create new flavours. Itโ€™s a tradition in many families to start a day with a smoothie. Itโ€™s a drink when all ingredients are smashed in a blender and poured into a cup. It may contain different kinds of fruit, vegetables or ground cereals. Nevertheless, it can be considered as a drink. If a person wants to dedicate a new beverage on the day, he should make it on a strict day. When is National Beverage Day 2024? Itโ€™s on May, 6th.

The day is a reason to try a new kind of beverage from other countries. You can taste it exactly on the 6th of May. If expectations are better than a beverage itself, just prepare a cup of your favourite drink.

The date is considered to be unofficial, though people say the day is a national occasion. The date is accepted by many people from different countries. Thatโ€™s why the day is considered to be a national day.

The best way to join the celebration is to visit different countries and have fun visiting different cafes and restaurants. Itโ€™s a chance to broaden the knowledge about different beverages. Thereโ€™re different legends and traditions concerning different types of drinks. People can get the knowledge about them and try them in original cafes.

The day is a special honour of a national beverage. People usually admit that it gives a special feeling of strength and national union. People, who donโ€™t know each other, can get acquainted due to beverages. A favourite national drink can give energy to a person and prolong activeness for a whole day or even week, especially when a person likes hot and strong beverages. The best way to follow the tradition of the occasion is to get to know the date through the question โ€œWhat day Beverage Day in 2024?โ€

Some advices for a day

It doesnโ€™t matter where the person is on the 6th of May, but thereโ€™re some common advices to follow the traditions of dayโ€™s celebrating in different countries. Every person has its own special beverage. He can follow the next advices:

  • If a beverage can be done at home, just buy products and ingredients, invite guests, relatives and friends, and make a party. Donโ€™t take other drinks at this day, but be careful if itโ€™s an alcohol.
  • Take your beverage, celebrate the date relaxing and having fun. Let your favourite drink be a helpful hand in a long and pressing life. Water is not accepted as a usual beverage.
  • If youโ€™re in another country, just go to a store and buy a national drink or try to visit national restaurants to taste national beverages. If you donโ€™t know what drink is accepted as a national one in an exact country, ask a waiter or a salesman.
  • Make a holiday party and give your potential guests the task to find interesting recipes for a holiday. They will be used at your party. The hostess of the party can make a contest and propose an award for the best recipe of a beverage.
  • Make a thematic party. People can take their favourite beverages, sorts of them, propose the best variant of meals for it.

What is the date of Beverage Day 2024? Itโ€™s on May, 6th.

Beverage Day

Milestones in the history of beverages

The existence of beverages is equated to the mankindโ€™s age. A man couldnโ€™t live without drinking. The first beverage was water, but some time later other types appeared. Nowadays thereโ€™re more than nineteen types of drinks. The categories are non-alcoholic and alcoholic. They may be made of rice and maize, contain caffeine.

The history of alcoholic drinks began from ancient Egyptian times. Coffee isnโ€™t a very old beverage. It appeared in the 1500s. The first fizzy drink appeared in 1800s. The first such creation became Coca-Cola.

The most non-alcoholic drinks are Coca-Cola and Pepsi. They are almost direct competitors. Coca-Cola was proposed to be a refreshment type of the beverage. American hostesses used it at their home-parties.

The Pepsiโ€™s sellers paid peopleโ€™s attention to a small amount of calories in it. So, people, who wanted to have a slim figure, could drink the beverage without a danger of getting weight. Pepsi seemed not to have so many calories and so much sugar as Coca-Cola did. The second advantage of Pepsi was that it had two sizes. People could choose a suitable bottle for themselves. Despite this fact, people used Pepsi for their parties. It was said to be more modern than Coca-Cola, though some time later it made a strong advertisement, so an intense rivalry was made. The same thing happens with coffee and tea. When is International Beverage Day in 2024, calendar of festivals? The answer is on the communitiesโ€™ sites.


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