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When is St. Swithun’s Day 2021

Great Britain is one of the most popular and interesting countries in the world. UK’s traditions and feasts are known in the whole world: 5 o’clock tea, St. Patrick’s day and so on. But lots of Britain’s celebrations aren’t so famous. St. Swithun’s day is one of them. This is wonderful and «mysterious» feast. So, now you would like to know when St. Swithun’s Day is in 2021. It’s on the 15th of July 2021.

During the feast’s day people are watching the weather very attentively – everyone knows: the weather which is on the Day of St. Swithun is going to be for the next 40 days. It is believed that if it is drizzling on St. Swithun’s Day, it will be drizzling during the next 40 days.

St. Swithun’s Day


The date of the St. Swithun’s Day changes. Swithun’s memory is celebrated on 2/15 July – day of repose and 15/28 July – the day of transfer of the relics. St. Swithun of Winchester is an English pilgrim who was well known for its charitable gifts and the construction of churches. In Britain, he is revered as “the weather’s patron saint.”

Interesting fact: in the film “One Day” St Swithun’s Day is on July 15th. David Nicholas chose this date because he was inspired with the song Billy Bragg “St. Swithin’s Day,” that he has hearth first time in the 80s. And now there is one open question – what day is St. Swithun’s Day in 2021? The 15th of July.


Reading the legend, we can learn that until Swithun died he asked to bury his dust outside of the castle, so rain can freely watered his remains. Bishop died July 2nd 862 and was buried near the walls of the Winchester Cathedral. His will was respected for 9 years. But on the 15th of July pilgrims from the Winchester Castle tried to move his dust into the Huge church. But the downpour began during the ceremony, so now it’s raining every year since that accident.

Apples from the St. Swithun’s trees are also considering as symbols of the holiday. Humans in the United Kingdom say that no one should not eat apples during the day before the feast. And the question «when is St. Swithun’s Day in 2021?» becomes very popular. And you know the answer – July 15th.


Books say that Swithin was a spiritual writer. In 856 he wrote a poem called «Judith». The most famous quote from that is “You, O God the Creator, the Son of the Almighty Spirit and Comforter, in the Trinity glorified, I pray and ask for mercy to my needs … Grant me, O Lord of heaven, and the victory of the true faith”.

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St. Swithun died on July 2nd 862. He begged to be buried in the common grave «under the feet of passers-by and let the rain dripping from the eaves». The relics of St Swithun were put in the specially prepared cancer and moved to the church “under the solemn singing of the abbot and monks of the hymns.” In the next ten days, 200 people have received healing, and for a year – a huge number of people. There were always lots of crippled and maimed at the cemetery: all were healed

St. Swithun’s Day

Nowadays on the St. Swithun’s day people go to his grave to get the cure. So, If you want to get the recovery – find the answer on question «what is the date of St. Swithun’s Day in 2021?» (July 15th), buy tickets and go!


  • Everyone looks at the sky very attentively – the weather is very important today
  • If you can see that it is pouring during the day of St. Swithun it will be pouring for the next 40 days
  • If it is clear weather outside during the St. Swithin’s, there will not be pouring for another forty days
  • Until the day of St. Swithin it is not worth to try the taste of apples
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Just in case

When is St. Swithun’s Day in 2021 calendar?

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