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🏞 When is National Picnic Day 2022

People are considered to be rather resourceful creatures. Why? – The matter is that we are able to find a decision even in the most puzzled situation. Of course, after we get into it. Thanks to the fantastic adaptability people have already populated the entire planet. You see, we are really able to turn on their heads even the most ordinary things and to find advantages in any cases. For example, can you answer the question “When is National Picnic Day in 2022?” No? – Don’t worry, please. It is not a problem or serious ignorance . As a rule, most part of the planet inhabitants are not able to do it immediately or need some time to think about.

But thanks to two creative men from France and British, who went at them on occasion, we have had an interesting holiday now as well as a picnic in general. Well, how can we match the relaxed, organized and prepared friendly meal in the open air, that usually leaves pleasant memories, with infinite gloomy breakfasts cooked in haste, snacks or fastfoods?

But not everybody know that picnics became to spread widely almost simultaneously with the beginning of the era of urbanization, industrialization and railway construction. Perhaps that was the period when people started to feel a lack of communication among themselves as well as with nature? Who knows.

National Picnic Day 2017


All in all it will be quite difficult to answer the question “When is International Picnic Day 2022?” without mentioning the historical background of this special occasion. That is why let’s discuss it in details. In the height of every summer, just on April 23 every year, there is an excellent opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather and hot days, going on a picnic alone, with friends, family members or even colleagues from work. This special occasion is called the International Picnic Day. And this day it is recommended to organize the goings to the open air, as well as hiking to the nearest parks, squares or forests. Don’t forget about basket of delicious food and drinks, a large blanket, badminton or Frisbee and good mood, of course.

That is also a reason to think about the roots of this unusual day. – The matter is that the picnic idea came to us from the Middle Ages, when wealthy people used to organize banquets and various kind of celebrations outdoors. Also, picnics could be considered the meal, which were organized in honor of a successful hunting finishing.

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Most likely the very same word “picnic” has its origin from the French “piquer”, that is used in the sense of “to collect or to pack” as well as from the ancient “nique”, which was spoken in order to describe a very small amount of something. A combination of these words meant the process of collecting food from different guests. The idea was that visitors could try a little of everything, and not only the food that had brought by themselves.

It turns out that the picnic original idea was precisely to divide a large number of different dishes with other people. And as that process often occurred in nature, gradually a picnic was understood like a meal taken only in the open air.


What does National Picnic Day mean? – Frankly speaking, it is not easy to answer this question immediately. Why? – You see, the matter is that this very moment includes a great amount of various activities. For example, do you know what to bring on a picnic in order to enjoy your vacation in the open air fully? As a rule, nobody wants to spend too much time to prepare something or to get angry because of some important things which have been left at home.

Before organizing this day you have to find the answer to some important matters. First of all think, how many participant you are going see there: whether it will the close family circle or a large company. As you understand your comfort will depend largely on the organization of this wonderful event called summer rest.

That is why the most important thing is to decide who will take over the organization of rest and think about the necessary things for everybody. In some cases it is recommended to make a special list, which of course, has to include some paragraphs, not one.


As a rule, when we are looking for the answer to the question “What is the date of Picnic Day 2022?”, the first things we are thinking about are food and drinks which will be had during this special occasion. Of course, this event is really impossible without good meal and beverages. As a rule, almost everybody, especially in the ladies’ companies, wants to surprise the friends or family members by tasty homemade dishes or exquisite drinks. And in this case there is a little rule about the food amount. It sounds like “Take something for you and your neighbors.”

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An absolute king of any picnics is fried meat. Barbecue is always appreciated and as a rule the other dishes have to correspond. However, please, be careful with perishable foods. It will be better not to take it in order to avoid poisoning.

Some people prefer to use a special picnic basket. Being inside, all the products will be in good condition remaining at the same time the beautiful appearance. Also it is recommended not to forget about the cooler bag. By the way if you don’t have any at home, it is possible to substitute it by the ordinary bottle with the frozen water. It should be arranged on the bottom and all other products – on the top.


Frankly speaking, no matter what day National Picnic Day in 2022 will be. It may be hot or vice versa cold and rainy, but leisure and entertainment will be important in any case.

That is why the experienced hikers and tourists always remember not only about bodily pleasures, but about spiritual food as well. Do you want to lie quietly chatting with friends or to relax actively running with ball or badminton? Depending on your individual preferences, your list may be added by the following things:

  • various sports equipment: a ball, a badminton set, a rubber ring for swimming, chess or backgammon;
  • food for our thoughts: books, magazines, crossword puzzles and a pencil, of course;
  • music – a player or a guitar, if somebody can play;
  • kids toys if you are going to have a rest together with your children;
  • camera in order to take unforgettable pictures.

National Picnic Day

All the items mentioned above are considered to be very important, of course, but there is one point without which any picnic will be spoiled. It is called good mood!

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National Picnic Day Facts

As a rule, when is National Picnic Day in 2022, calendar will remind you without any difficulties, but when it will happen and you will have the desire to celebrate, it is recommended to remember about all nuances, even about the smallest ones. Of course, at that very time you will know for sure what outdoor format you are going to organize. All in all there are two of them: wild or located close to civilization. Depending on the type, it will be easy to determine with the equipment, which will necessary this day. The most requested items are the following:

  • a tent, a sun blind or a canopy;
  • a fixed picnic table and some folding chairs;
  • mat for sitting or lying;
  • grill and barbecue devices, as well as skewers, matches, a lighter, a hatchet, some paper and possibly even firewood.

Cookware is also rather important. When the picnic area is selected, the tent is set and the fire is made, it will be the high time to think such important picnic part as cooking. For this purpose you will definitely need:

  • oilcloth tablecloth, some cellophane in order to cover products, sun or rain umbrella;
  • a pair of knives, can opener, corkscrew, cutting board and perhaps a grater;
  • the picnic utensils are considered to be rather simple: plates, cups, spoons and forks;
  • a pair of bowls for salads and plates for pieces;
  • strong trash bags.

In addition, don’t forget that your list of personal things should include a hat or a cap, sunglasses, a windbreaker jacket (no matter how hot it is at the time of home leaving), a swimsuit, a towel and flip-flops.

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