The US is crazy about hamburgers, Mexico is into burritos, Japan is fond of ramen noodle and what about the Great Britain? Fish and Chips, of course. While we do not hear much of the special days praising the countrywide dishes (except for Hamburger Day), the British inform the whole world on holding the national day in honor of their favorite for the umpteenth time.

When is Fish and Chip Day in 2022 and what’s the importance of the date? Scroll down the page!


To start with, let’s delve into the history of the dish. The origin of this union – fish and chips – still remains debated. Some people claim that the fried pieces of potato came from the neighboring France and took the fish along, the others insist on the fish being a staple of Britain since the ancient times. Anyway, it’s common knowledge that this mix became a national delicacy not earlier than the 19th century.

National Fish and Chip Day

London has always been a big fish market as the fishery lay at the basis of the country’s economy. Rather simple-to-cook and substantial meal, it was quick to spread among the numerous street vendors and small family eateries while the moderate price attracted the prevailing working class. The first chippies – the place where the dish is served – opened in London in the second half of the 19th century and by 1900 there were a little less more than 30,000 spots to grab fish and chips!

The wide availability of the products used in cooking made it possible to provide with the food even the poorest regions of the country and prevent famine during the Great War. Later on, in a time of World War II, fish and chips were an essential part of the troops’ ration, and also were distributed among the citizens without the food ration tickets.

Interestingly, the origin fish and chips were offered wrapped up in the yesterday’s issue of a tabloid and were consumed with bare hands, no forks allowed. At the end of the 20th century the various kebabs, burgers, and gyros tried to encroach on its popularity, however, they didn’t manage to shake the foundation of the food culture in Great Britain.

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Fish and Chip Day is held by NEODA organization that calls on everyone to join this tasty festivity and make time for the iconic dish. By the way, the answer on when is National Fish and Chip Day 2017 differs depending on which exactly part of the kingdom you ask about.


What does Fish and Chip Day mean? It means the celebration of the food heritage of the British people and expressing gratitude for those who came up with the idea of serving the products together. To put that huge love into the sheer numbers, we found out that the locals chow down on around 250 millions of the portions in 11 thousands of restaurants annually and spend on this meal about $150,000,000!

They demonstrate the deepest affection towards the fried slices by going to the nearest chip shop right at the end of the working day. If they plan on to eat outside the go-to choice will be fish and chips. Hang out with friends and want to have a quick snack? The true Briton will certainly come by the chippy. In a nutshell, there is a fishy fetish flourishing over the Great Britain since long ago.

Although it underlies the diet of the British citizens (as well as the Irish), they are not the ones who find the dish extremely alluring for the taste buds. Fish and chips are known to be the main course of many eateries across the world, from the casual diners to the white-tablecloth restaurants. Even Winston Churchill himself couldn’t help calling the contents on the plate in front of him as the “good companions”, admitting the delectable nature of the national eating.

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Have you ever heard the term “chippy tea”? It means the Friday evening when the most of the British scatter to the cafes in order to satisfy their bellies with a good portion of fish and chips. That’s why you don’t have to guess at what day Fish and Chip Day in 2022 falls on. It’s set on the first Friday of June.


We’ve talked so much of the significance of the dish but what’s the secret of this craze?

As strange as it may sound, fish and chips consist of… a) fish and b) fried potato.

Usually, a fish with pale flesh is used, such as cod, haddock, pollack, and plaice. Every decent chip shop offers a wide range to your heart’s content. It goes without saying that it should be fresh caught or bought at the fish market. The flesh is cut into the pieces which are dipped into the mixture of flour, baking powder, and dark ale. Then the slices are deep fried to a golden crust on the outside yet it should be gentle on the inside. The rule has it that no more than four or five pieces of fish are fried at the same time to provide the customers only freshly cooked meals.

On the subject of potato, it’s also cut into wedges and cooked in the oil. In approximately five minutes, you’ll see the golden brown French fries ready to be served next to the fish. As for the trimmings, the dish comes with pea puree, pickled onions or beans cooked in tomato sauce. To wash it down, the British offer – you should’ve already guessed – a cup of tea.

On the whole, differences over fish and chips across the world prevail in terms of accompanying sauces. The South of England provides it with salt and malt vinegar, Scotland does with salt and savory sauce while America prefers tartar and Canada is for a bit of mayo.

National Fish and Chip Day

No matter all the fat splashing out while cooking, fish and chips are acknowledged to be the healthiest possible take away option. It is rich in proteins as well as tons of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc and the like. Again, a good meal those British invented!

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Sorry, we’ve got so engrossed in these fishy affairs that forget to specify what is the date of Fish and Chip Day 2022! It is to take place on June 7.


How can you entertain yourself on a lovely Fish and Chip Day? The main condition is to put the piece of meal in your mouth at least once. Although the dish isn’t the most difficult one to prepare right at your own kitchen it’s still better to rely on the expertise of fish and chips chefs.

Look up on the Internet all the special offers, deals and discounts at the local chippies (there has to be some as the day praises these places, too). Take a couple of friends, chose the best chip shop in your area and enjoy the crunchy fish with a salty fries.

By the way, you can screw the diet on that day, well, we permit you to. Besides, you’re likely to take a fancy to a super healthy alternative made of the low-fat fish and minimal amount of oil. Mix it with fresh vegetables and your nutrients balanced dinner is ready.

In a few words, indulge in the delicious world of fish and chips and eat your fill! There’s definitely plenty for everyone.

Fish and Chip Day Facts

  • There’s a hashtag in honor of the holiday #NationalFishandChipDay. In case you’re left out of the celebration, you can always watch the others merrymaking.
  • Annually, Great Britain bestows National Fish and Chip Awards on the best ones involved in the serious fishy and chippy business.

Be sure to circle in the calendar, when is National Fish and Chip Day in 2022, and pin it up on the wall at the kitchen. Thus you’ll be constantly reminded of the upcoming festivity. Moreover, you won’t be taken by surprise when the world go wild on fish lying next to chips!


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