Yom Kippurโ€ฆ. These words are the holiest words for each Jewish. This day usually happens after their New Year. They spend it in intense prayer, usually in synagogues. It terminates the annual period High Holy Days. So when is Yom Kippur in 2022?

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The second name of this holiday is a Day of Atonement. It reminds the sincere, faithful people about the returning of Messiah on the Earth and necessity to indulgence from all sins the believer made during its life. Yom Kippur is similar to Christian Shrovetide week because Jews say sorry to each other for bad words and quarrels in the past year.

Torah transcripts its name as Yom-Ha-Kippurin. It sends us to two atonements provided by Lord. The first targets to the ethnic Israeli people and the second procedure are called to clean all other nationalities who came under Yeshuaโ€™s protection.

Yom Kippur

Obligatory fasting

This event has some phases. First, of them is fasting. Some sources describe it as a road to self-denial and fulfill the scriptural commandment. The fasting activates the struggle with physical desires and focusing on individual spiritual needs. Besides, itโ€™s a transitional stop between holidays and returning to daily routine.

The procedure is obligatory for all adults and children since 12 years old. The fast starts with Erev Yom Kippur meal and endures for 24 hours till next evening. During these hours all families must be hungry. The fast has a deep meaning for Judaism religion. However, Torah allows indulgences or cancellation of it in the case of the physical disease.

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Another essential element of this day is praying. The opening chant Kol Nidre is repeated trice by voice. Some sources tell that its motive Jewish borrowed in Spain because the tune received the notes of this country. The prayerโ€™s history started in the 9th century. It annuls all vows of the past year. Its language is a mix of Hebrew and Aramaic.

This day contains the memorial component. The Judaic pray for calm days and a Heaven to all their dead relatives. The XXth century added to this list all fighters for Israeli independence and victims of Hitlerโ€™s genocide.

The liturgy in synagogues usually endures for the whole day. It includes the reading of sanctuary books, prairies to God. The teachers provide traditional festive practice.

The regular wearing for Yom Kippur is white clothes which symbolize the purity and spiritual cleansing. Another version relates to burial traditions and necessity of humility and repentance.

The final accord of the holiday is a stirring voice of a shofar. This part has multiple explanations. The most popular is a sign of peopleโ€™s triumph over their sins and movement to the next messianic age.

How to live through fasting

Before we tell you, when is Yom Kippur in 2022, letโ€™s give you some useful advice how to live through fast without problems for health.

  • Drink as much water as possible.
  • Prepare the food which is rich in proteins and another active molecule for Erev Yom Kippur dinner. It will help you to rationalize the power outcome.
  • If you feel lightheaded or weak, immediately sit down. If the feeling becomes stronger, drink some water or eat a little amount of food. The best idea is `to eat a piece of bread with salt topping. It will normalize your mood and stop nausea. Great Torah reminds that the health is more valuable than strict fast.
  • If you are ill, you must visit your doctor who verifies the safety of fasting for you. The fasting is also prohibited for pregnant, lactating and nursing women because of high risk for their babies.
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Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur and small children

The Great Book prescribes to visit all the services in synagogues without exception. These include starting Kol Nidre, a memorial Yiskoz, a service of separation Havdalah and the concluding service Nilah with the sound of the shofar. They last for some hours, and it may be a serious problem for parents with toddlers. The children donโ€™t have the required amount of patience to wait until its end, or they want to leave at home. How to be in this case?

No matter, what is the date of Yom Kippur in 2022 or any other year. The children perceive it as common day. So the task of high importance is to learn them saying sorry since early childhood. The local communities have the rich libraries with books and animations which teach the kids how to apologize if they are tired.

The specialists recommend discussing the holiday observations in your family when the child reaches three years old. Start with thematic games and exercises from different books. The preschool children can take part in a creative project and puppet theater.

Let kids help you with charity. The tzedakah is the same religious obligation as visiting services. Then your child will understand the importance of this day and repeat your behavior next time.

A synagogue is a place of connecting. So they provide babysitting and entertainment programs for kids of various ages. This will be the best balance between duties and great family event. And your children will have the full image of the holiday.

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As you see, this holiday has a great sanctuary significance for Jews. We told you about the traditions of celebrating and how to prepare for it. And now weโ€™ll give you a final answer to the question โ€œWhen is Yom Kippur in 2022?โ€ Calendar provides us with the date September, 27th. However, the official start is a sundown of the previous day.


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