What Lag Baomer is about? What does this special day mean? When is Lag Baomer in 2022? Looking back at Israel’s customs, traditions let us try our best to introduce our readers exhaustive information about this holiday with some interesting facts from Israel’s history.

Israel is an amazing country. It is special and differs from any otherย  country. Why? Well,ย  it is special by its people. Jewish people are chosen by God for a purpose. He has chosen this people to fulfill His eternal plan. Of course, God loves all the people, butย  He has a special attitude, towards jewish people. He considers them as His own people who were created to glorify His Name, and Messiah was born in Israel to redeem all the nations of the word. To be chosen is an honor as well as a responsibility. It is up to us to believe God or not, and God respect our chose.

Lag Baomer 2018

About Lag Baomer!

Israel’s people try to keep all Torah celebrations. lag Baomer is celebrated since the Jerusalem Temple time. It is one f the most vivid manifestations of Israel’s history at present day.

Omer when translated means a sheaf. It is a measure of grain which was enough for one person in a day (God taught Israel to trust in Him and believe that He will feed them every day. And the manna He gave the measure for only one day). God wanted His people to be obedient Him alone and put trust in Him Alone. So He provided food only for one day.

People were supposed to live and to have food for one day only, not to be proud but trust and believe only their God.

What day Lag Baomer in 2022? Usually on the second day of Passover was supposed to bring a gift to the Temple, a sheaf of barley of the new harvest. This is the first Omer. The next day – a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the harvest. Then began the countdown of the Omer – forty nineย  days from Pasah to Shawuot. So many days how was the Exodus from Egypt, and then receiving the Torah from God. On the fiftieth day of the second Temple brought the sheaf of the Omer.

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So from the Holy Scriptures during the period between the first and second Omer was a large number of constraints. This period is called a period of hope, because for seven weeks the fate of the entire harvest for the year.

Some others historic events related to Lag Baomer.

Lag Baomer itself connected with many historic events of old. One of them has happened with rabbi Akiva’s disciples which were commited belivers, they trusted Torah despite Andrian the Emperor’s cruel attitude towards those, who believed in Living God. Taking with them bows and arrows as though they were hunting, in fact they were hiding in secret places to study Holy Scripture. At that period of time exactly between Passover and Shawuot severe plaque happeed. Twenty four rabbi’s disciples died. It is believed they died because of God’s punishment for contemptfullnessย  towards each other. The plaque continued for 33 days than it ended exactly at the Lag Baomer day. That’s why since that time jewish people all around the world keep mourning of memory of it. When is Lag Baomer in 2022?

Bar Kochba’s revolt also happened at Lag Baomer. Jewish people celebrated a big victory over Roman oppressors this time, even though their previous attempts to get free were not successful and were violently defeated by Romans.

Lag Baomer bonfire

Lag Baomer bonfires.

They still celebrate Lag Baomer in Israel with joy a triumph. It is accustomed to make big bonfires at that day. There is one story which explains why do people do that.ย  One from fire survived Rabbi Akiva’s disciples was Simon ber Jehai (Rasibi), was fighting for freedom in Bar Kochba’s army. He survived epidemic time, but died exactly at Lag Baomer. And in the tradition of his adopted daughter to visit his tomb on this holiday (it is Mount Meron near Safd). In Israel this night thousands of fires ignited. It is assumed that his body lifted up in a pillar of fire. From that time a custom appeared to make bonfires on Lag Baomer.

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Youth and Army on Lag Baomer.

Pupils along with their teachers (sometimes even entire schools) get out. Boys with arrows and bows here interesting competitions. They devote this activities to the memory of Bar Kohba’s army,ย  who were fighting for their freedom. What is the date of Lag Baomer 2022?

Since 2004 Israel army soldiers gather together on this holiday. It is the day of collection of miliumnika – Israel Defense Force reservists. Each year during a month they have their training and drills. Amazing people of Israel! While in Israel you never bored. Its history is joyful in sad at the same time,ย  they optimistic about the future for their future is living God, God of Israel! He is always ready to help those who is seeking Him, who believes in Him and loves Him!

Lag Baomer is celebrated in different day every year, in 2022 Lag Baomer begins on the 11th of May evening through on the 12th of May. When is Lag Baomer in 2022, calendar? According jewish calendar 33rd day of omer is at 18 Iyar 5778. You can always find jewish calendar on Internet sites.

Lag Baomer

Poem of this holiday.

There are a lot of songs and poems dedicated to this event. Here is a poem ( originally written in Hebrew) but it sounds quite well inย  English:

Jewish people all around the world

Sing today on this wonderfull holiday

Which is in the heart of Torah,

The Temple and His Participant….

To Him in the sheaves bring gifts

Grain of barley and wheat as a gift to the Holy God.

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With a thrill of Hope, lifting up the gifts.

That God would make it as a harvest way for all!

Finiching the review of Lag Baomer celebration it should be noted that even though there were many nations who subdued the Land of Israel and tried to uproot itsย  traditions, they did not succeed in their attempts to do it. Traditions of celebrations preserved to present day. Consequently, jewish people continue to celebrate their national festivals and Lag Baomer is one of them.

May God of Israel bless you!

You are welcomed to come to celebrate this holiday with us. As saying goes: It is better to see one time than to hear one hundred times.


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