Many activities are considered to be easy-to-learn but not the one performed on our day. It is connected with sports, girls, and dance. Whenever you watch a football or soccer game, or any baseball matches you are waiting for the pause to behold beautiful girls moving their bodies to a tune. Seeing this picture, you get max pleasure and it allows you to relax and to distract your attention. Colorful movements, belly shirts, and short skirts are presented. So, let’s define when is National Cheerleading Day in 2022?

The global observance is held yearly on 14th of September and considered to be a half-formal holiday all over the world. The main purpose of the day is to commemorate and learn more about this activity by participating in different competitions and shows. The author remains unknown but 2 legends are noted.


As it was told above, the creator of N.C.D. is unknown but it didn’t stop us to make an effort of giving you up-to-date information. The first legend is dedicated to an American High School group of girls who were fond of gymnastics. Suddenly, they made a decision to combine both activities participating in cheerleading. However, the history dates back to the 1870s so it wasn’t a unique discovery. Thus, they created their own uniform of short shirts and skirts and poof-balls. In 3 months, they had a whole team of 8 girls and each had its own position and role. In 1988, the National Holiday was created.

Cheerleading girls

The second story also dedicates to the USA as it is the native land of this sport. Glen Smith was a student at the Ohio University and she had always dreamed of becoming a dancer. However, all her tries became failures. She met a football player John Jankowski who was a quarterback of the university football team. They had a relationship and Glen was a permanent spectator of John’s games. Suddenly, he offered her to create a team which would be a support during the pause. In 3 weeks, such a group was organized and the day became National in 1986.

Having considered the history of the holiday, we should find another one to better understand what day World Cheerleading Day in 2022 is.

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Well, this sport appeared in the United States of America in the second half of the 19th century and became widespread in the 1870s among competitions around the world. The creation of a positive atmosphere in contests contributed to the widespread rapid growth in popularity. Many prominent figures of politics and show business participated in support groups in their childhood.


What does National Cheerleading Day mean? The IFC was established in 2001, including the countries of the Europe. In 2002, Japan joined the Federation. The first world championship was held in 2001 there. Now, the IFC includes not only European but also Asian and Latin American countries, like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil etc. Among the countries of the African continent, the most active are South Africa and Ecuador. Now, let’s consider N.C.D. plan which will help you to remember when is International Cheerleading Day 2022.

  • At the beginning, you have to find out more data about this type of sport. Google it, ask your friends, watch some films, and search for information everywhere.
  • Try to puzzle out the essence of the day by watching different shows and videos.
  • Grab your friends and relatives to create a small performance to support the day. Actually, it’s not so difficult to invent some synchronic movements and rehearse them.
  • All in all, the day means you are able to participate in any charity all over the world.


The first concept of cheerleading can be derived from American films. Many movies touching sports themes contain episodes in which adorable young girls, in short, gorgeous skirts, support their team with synchronized movements, cries, and slogans. It is better known outside the USA under the name of “support group”. Girls prepare a special program for each match consisting of dance moves, sports elements, encouraging shouts in order to cheer their team. This is both a choreographic show and a psychological adjustment for a good result. This type of cheerleading pursues the following goals:

  • the popularization of a healthy and athletic way of life
  • a mass attraction of people to exercising
  • creating a positive mood in the stadiums
  • mitigating the aggression of fans
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Another direction of the sport is the participation of support groups in competitions in accordance with existing rules.


As we know, each country has own beliefs to any activity and thus the strongest is in the USA. To get to traditions, you should fundamentally remember what is the date of National Cheerleading Day 2022. Otherwise, come back to the article’s beginning and refresh your memory.

So, thousands of competitions are held yearly to emphasize the role of this sport in our modern life. You can easily participate in watching by online register systems these companies provide. In 2017, Kennywood Cheerleading Arrows in Pennsylvania had more than 5.000 attendants a huge amount even nowadays. The second tradition is to support N.C.D. via social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote etc. Don’t stay indifferent as ‘support groups’ also need your support.


International Cheerleading Day Facts

  • They perform not only before the start of football, basketball matches or during other game sports but also at various important events, solemn ceremonies in schools and universities, military units. Dynamic and incendiary performances of girls-cheerleader are well-liked, so the support group is happy to be invited to any cultural events.
  • About 50% of all sports injuries in the US are accounted for these activities. Still, millions of girls all over the world dream of getting into the prestigious school or university team of cheerleaders.
  • Only people with good diction, delivered voice, and a sense of rhythm are able to become a part of the support group. However, athletic training is even more important, because only a trained person can perform tricks and simultaneously hold their breath.
  • In the 30s, pom-poms began to be actively used at the universities – an attribute that is still a visiting card of this sport.
  • At first, cheerleading was exclusively a man’s activity. When the first girl was accepted into the support team, people immediately realized that the sport with a woman’s face was much more attractive and spectacular. At the moment 97% of participants are girls.
  • More than 50 countries have established sports clubs, which are developing to a greater or lesser extent. The discussed subject is most popular in North America. Everyone in the US, even a school team should have their own group. As for the rest of the world, it is very popular in the Land of the Rising Sun. They even included it in the school curriculum.
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To sum up, don’t pass by such a spectacular sight and always bear in mind when is Cheerleading Day in 2022, with the calendar.


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